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PPA gets dirty in Lower Tokai

PPA gets dirty in Lower Tokai

Pedal Power Association staff members got their hands dirty on Friday 20 May 2011 to plant indigenous trees alongside the new MTB/walking path, sponsored by the PPA, that is being built around the perimeter of Lower Tokai. To date, some 4,5 km of the path has been completed.

Karin, Shana and Wendy helped to plant 150 trees on Friday

With the plantations in Lower Tokai currently being harvested and replaced with fynbos, Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) has embarked on a process of planting indigenous trees alongside the path to provide (eventual) shade to users of Lower Tokai. The path is already proving to be very popular with cyclists and walkers/dog walkers alike; the meandering flat route being ideal for kids and newcomers to cycling.

Wendy and Samantha get dirty in Lower Tokai!

In all, some 600 indigenous trees were donated by Just Trees, including white stinkhout and karee. TMNP provided fertiliser, compost and water, while members of the public provided the manpower. Some 150 trees were planted on Friday.

You can see a portion of the new cycling and walking path in the background

“While membership fees cover many of the actual running costs of the Association, the profits we receive from the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust (in which we have a 50% share) assist us to do all the ‘extras’ and to put money back into various cycling projects,” PPA Chairman Steve Hayward explained.
In 2009, PPA allocated funding of over R50 000 for the building of MTB paths around Lower Tokai. These paths are now finally nearing completion.

So – take your kids and/or friends who are new to cycling, and enjoy cycling in Lower Tokai! No day permits or entry fees are payable.

Annette, Liz and Shana make sure their tree gets a good start in its new life