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AGM Overview

2020 AGM Notice

Notice of the Annual General Meeting for the Pedal Power Association was given on Monday, 24 August 2020. Below further details regarding the AGM.

DATE: Tuesday, 29 September 2020

TIME: From 18h00

RSVP: click here to register


Due to the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic, the AGM will be a virtual meeting and members will be invited to attend electronically. The Pedal Power Association will host the meeting using Zoom that will allow participants to connect remotely. Please click here to register to attend the AGM. Please note that you must be a paid-up Pedal Power Association member to attend the AGM.


If you have any questions to put forward to the Committee, please send them to by Monday, 21 September 2020. We will then address these questions either beforehand if of a specific nature, or, if of a general nature, obtain the relevant facts in time for the meeting.



  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies
  3. Adoption of minutes of previous AGM
  4. Election of Executive Committee members
  5. Chairman’s report
  6. Treasurer’s report
  7. Consideration and adoption of motions concerning the affairs of the Association of which due notice has been given
  8. Any other business



In terms of clause 4.2 of the PPA Constitution, nomination of candidates for election to the Executive Committee shall be in writing, signed by the member as well as the proposer (both being paid-up members of the Association) and accompanied by the written consent of the candidate nominated, to be emailed to no later than 16h00 on Monday 21 September 2020. However, we urge members to submit nominations soonest so that they can be uploaded to the PPA website prior to the meeting, giving members sufficient time to consider such applications to the Committee. Nomination forms are available upon request from The Chairman of the meeting may, in his sole discretion, allow nominees to the Committee to consent to their nomination at the meeting itself, if, in his opinion, there are special grounds therefore and provided the nomination was received timeously. This means that the chairman cannot accept a late nomination, only a late consent to a nomination. Voting cannot be done by proxy. Only paid-up members of the Association may vote at the AGM. In terms of clause 4.2.1 of the Constitution, six positions on the committee need to be filled.


Here is an overview of what is expected of a PPA Executive Committee member:

  • Be a paid up PPA member;
  • Have a full understanding of the PPA Constitution;
  • Understand and accept the fiduciary responsibilities and duties required of a member of a governing body;
  • Have a good working knowledge of the broad cycling environment;
  • Possess a skill or qualification that can be used to the benefit of the cycling community at large and give input into creative ways to improve the environment for cycling;
  • Be willing to serve for a term two years;
  • Be able to attend approximately 10 PPA meetings (after hours) per annum and attend at least 1 full day strategic review session;
  • Be willing to serve on a subcommittee focussing on a particular aspect or initiative of PPA’s focus areas; and
  • Accept that this is a voluntary position with no form of financial payment (other than a small honorarium)


Steve Hayward

Chairman, Pedal Power Association

07 September 2020

Nominations for Executive Committee (2020 – 2022)

Frank van Asperen

Frank Van Asperen
Membership No: 440777
Proposed by Alvin Hirner

“I would focus on providing marketing and sales advice to ensure sufficient revenue streams to enable PPA to improve cycling conditions in South Africa via Bike4All programs, safety campaigns, social media and when possible again events.


Helping to set up new events focusing at the youth, keeping cycling relevant for the new generation cyclists. Support PPA at fulfilling its advocacy roll to make South Africa a more bike friendly country. Support at setting up new and maintaining current sponsor partnership.”

John Gale

John Gale
Membership No: 84192
Proposed by Gordon Laing

“I am a keen road and mountain cyclists with more than 10 Cape Town Cycle Tours and 16 Cape Epics amongst numerous other races.  I am a Chartered Accountant (CA) with 20 years’ experience working in commerce and industry, in an SME and entrepreneurial environment.


Having served as Treasurer since November 2015 I have been able to identify areas where I can add value to the reporting, planning and financial management of the organisation. My focus during my term would be to facilitate the financial reporting and associated management systems so as to enable meaningful and effective decisions regarding PPA’s strategic implementation of its key mandate to promote cycling.”

Henri van der Merwe

Membership No: 508126
Proposed by David Bellairs

“I am passionate about the concept of cycling as an environmentally friendly an economical solution to improve mobility and to empower and improve societies and their environment. Projects like Bike4All excite and inspire me.


I believe that motorist behaviour is a critical obstacle that needs to be addressed in order to encourage a utility cycling culture. I also believe that it is important to draw a distinction between the promotion of utility cycling and sport cycling, and that the latter does not necessarily serve the purposes of the former.


I would not be joining the PPA EXCO with any grand plans, but rather with the intent to be of service where I can, particularly in furthering the agenda of utility cycling.”

Galiema Harris

Galiema Harris
Membership No: 303879
Proposed by Aboobakar Harris

“I would like to get more involved with the safety of cyclists as well as help growing PPA membership. My passion is to get new riders into cycling.”

Ivan van Draanen

Membership No: 658958
Proposed by Lauren Heldsinger

“Following the discussion with PPA prior to Covid19, I have secured backing from abroad to create a new cycling team backed by SA Telco provider under PPA and sponsor Branding. My directive by backers is to discover and mentor 10 new diamonds and establish a young cycling team  to challenge the likes of Embark and Pure Savage and ultimately to expose team to oversees events.  The initiative backed by 4.0 has secured the backing of SA Telco and Fitness establishment. Member generation abroad is essential for development of cycling in SA and securing financial assistance to ensure growth of events MTB and Road.”

Abbas Harris

Abbas Harris
Membership No: 209256
Proposed by Fatima Attwood

“If I am re-elected, my areas of focus would continue to enable youth development in cycling in poorer communities as I feel there is such a huge gap in sports development. Too many kids in our communities do not get the benefit of enjoying cycling as there are so many positives to cycling and it’s our mission to provide them with life-changing opportunities. I believe that reducing the current average age of participants in the Cape Town Cycle Tour currently sitting at 47 years with the introduction of as many youth as possible will provide a future for this sport for generations to come.


Annually we successfully introduce and take 60-80 kids to the Cape Town Cycle Tour and wish to extend the number to a full peloton. With the world evolving with COVID-19, Active Bodies further hosted its very first event, the ACTIVE BODIES QUADRATHLON providing an event for all ages and fitness levels as well as taking multi-sports to a different level. Why should triathlons only be for the elite, it should be more accessible, and we would like to see this virtual event increase in popularity. I have a belief that the COVID-19 impact on cycling will bare new fruits and PPA needs to be geared for the change.”