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Safe Cycling Partnerships

Road Accident Fund

Stay Wider of the Rider is proud of their partnership with the Road Accident Fund. For the past three years they have sponsored our reflective bib campaign. We have also signed an MOU partnering in media and safe cycling campaigns for the next five years. We have managed to hand out more than 10 000 bibs with their assistance.


With a generous sponsorship from Toyota we are able to purchase safe cycling jerseys to keep cyclists safer on the roads.

Pretoria South Lions

The campaign partnered with the Pretoria Lions Club hosting reflective bib handouts in Diepsloot and Mamelodi in the dark winter months. We furthermore partnered with them to supply bibs to the riders at the annual Awareness Ride in Mamelodi which took place on 16 June 2019. We are extremely thankful for their assistance in Gauteng.

Cycle Lab

Cycle Lab

Cycle Lab has been a platform for us to host our awareness rides in Gauteng and Durban.

Legadima Cycling Club

We have partnered with the Legadima Cycling Club in Zandspruit Gauteng for the past four years to distribute bibs to commuters using the very busy Beyers Naude Drive. A huge thank you to the guys for always assisting.

Kingspark Cycling Club

After the death of two of their club members, the club assisted us with a memorial ride in Durban last year and we will host this ride annually.

Cyclesphere Cycling Club

One of our partners in Durban for awareness activities.

CSC Durban

One of our partners in Durban for awareness activities.

Eden Lions Club George

Eden Lions Club George

For the past two years we have had amazing support from the Eden Lions Club in George with our bib handouts.

Book Ibhoni

We are proud of our partnership with Book Ibhoni who organize cycle tour in Orlando Soweto. We provide bibs for safety and in return they do advertising in Soweto for our campaign.

Wayne Pheiffer Cycles PE

Thank you to Wayne Pheiffer who assists us with our annual Awareness activities in PE.

Leon and Christine Claasen PE

Leon and Christine Claasen PE

A huge thank you to the Claasen’s for their assistance with all our safe cycling activities in PE.

Eden Cycling Oudtshoorn

We have partnered with Eden Cycling to erect signage along the routes in the area. A special thank you to Corne Bence.