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Please note that funride results will only be displayed for paid-up PPA members. If you pay your subs after an event, then your results for that event will be displayed only the next time the results for that event is rerun. To get your seeding, simply enter your ID number below.


More information on how seeding is calculated click here


The tables show the Road & MTB seeded group you are currently eligible for. If this is different to your current seeded number, you have the option to either remain in your current group, or to upgrade. If you wish to upgrade, please contact the PPA Office at least 2 days before the next event you wish to participate in, to arrange for a new seeded number.


New seeded numbers cannot be issued at events, but can be collected from events if previously arranged. After your very first upgrade from Z, there is an admin fee payable for each upgrading. Please note that your current seeded number must be returned before you can be issued a new number. IMPORTANT: You need to change your current number for a new one – you cannot simply line up in the new seeded category with your old (existing) number.