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Awareness Campaigns

Media Awareness Campaigns

The PPA has spent millions on media campaigns across South Africa to keep all cyclists safe on the roads. Billboards, posters as well as garage activations were done in Cape Town, Durban, JHB, PE and Bloemfontein.

PPA Media Awareness Campaign

Protest and Memorial Rides

We host several rides in various cities in South Africa every year. This year we already hosted rides in PE, Durban, Cape Town and JHB.

PPA Protests and Memorial Rides

Reflective Bib Handouts

Thanks to RAF we are able to hand out more than 6000 reflective bibs annually as well as a limited amount of helmets and lights. Should you have a need for bibs in your area kindly contact us to arrange a handout or to send you some bibs to distribute.

PPA Reflective Bib Handouts

Coffee Stops

We host coffee stops on routes frequently used by cyclists to interact.

PPA Coffee stops

Sticker Handouts

At least three times a year we hand out stickers to motorists to create awareness.

PPA Sticker Handouts

Silent Protests

During court cases we gather outside courts to protest against the lack of prosecution.

PPA Silent Protest