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PPA team & Committee members

Neil Robinson


Neil Robinson joined the PPA as CEO on the 1st Feb 2022.  He comes from a commercial as well as NPO background having worked in various sectors across many Geographies spanning over 30 years.

The challenge to bring cycling into a very visible space from a transport, sustainable and Green cities point of view as well as the opportunity to grow the current sporting event & recreational platforms that the PPA is known for is something that really excited him.  The added attraction of the huge opportunity to make a difference in many lives through the social upliftment and safety programs that the PPA is looking  to grow is something that the country desperately needs and that Neil is hugely passionate about.

Neil believes that cycling could play a huge part in any economic, political, social & environmental challenges that the Country faces.  Cycling should always be part of the greater solution.

Jannis Jagger

PPA and Bike4All  Manager

Jannis joined the Association in 2008, at first assisting in the front office. She later took over the development cycling portfolio and then took over the administration for PPA’s project funding portfolio. Currently she is the Bike4All Project Manager

Fahiema Salie

Financial Administrator

Fahiema joined PPA in 2006 and has been instrumental in streamlining the membership debit order payment process. She regularly cycles with her family. Fahiema does the reconciliation of accounts and assists members with their payment queries.

Shane Smith

Logistics Coordinator

Shane is the ‘go to’ guy for equipment and logistics. He keeps the PPA branding clean and ready to go. He joined the Association in 2008.

Zane van Aarde

Assistant Project Coordinator

Zane joined PPA as a staff member on the 1st of March 2019 as Assistant Project Co-Ordinator at Bike4ALL. His duties include setting up projects pertaining to Bike4ALL. He does all safety training to recipient’s that receive bicycles through distributions. He also assists with setting up and organizing events

Liz Heydra

Liz Heydra

Safe Cycling Campaign Manager

Liz joined the Association in 2014, hailing from a marketing and communications background. She launched the Stay Wider of the Rider campaign is passionate about the safety of cyclists and making a difference to keep cyclists safe on the road.

She lives by the following: ‘The most important thing is, whatever you do decide to choose, take it seriously and do your best.’ Tom Sturridge

Rozanne Dreyer

Event Organiser / Coordinator

Rozanne joined the PPA in 2015 as part of the events team. She briefly left in 2018, but returned 10 months later in 2019 to continue her passion for events. Rozanne is also a qualified safety officer and brings with 12 years of experience in the industry. She is constantly in search of new events and ways to keep cyclists safe on the road during an event.

Alanda Radley

Event Organiser / Coordinator and Marketing

Alanda joined the PPA in 2019 as part of the events team. She is a qualified safety officer and brings with 10 years of experience in the events industry. Alanda also heads up all the marketing for PPA and is always looking at ways to improve events that will give riders an all-round experience on route as well as afterwards in the race village with a key focus on branding and race village experience.

Susan Meintjies


Susan joined the Association in 2010. When you visit PPA House and you see how sparkling clean it is – you know who is responsible!

The PPA Executive Committee

Members of the Pedal Power Association’s Executive Committee are volunteers, either nominated and selected by the membership at the annual general meeting, or co-opted onto the committee. Committee members serve for a period of two years, with six members being selected every alternate year. Once elected, committee members nominate the office bearers. The Executive Committee is responsible for setting the overall strategy and direction of the Association, ensure sound governance of the Association and ensure sound fiscal management of the Association. Exco members attend one committee meeting per month, as well as sub-committee meetings as required.

Steve Hayward


Steve joined the PPA Executive Committee in 2001 and served as chairman for over 10 years. Steve is one of PPA’s trustees on the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, which consists of six PPA representatives and six representatives from Rotary Claremont. He is also involved with the PPA cycling marshals’ portfolio.

Steve started cycling just over 20 years ago “when I got too fat to continue playing squash and soccer”, and enjoys both road and mountain biking. His favourite road ride is an early-morning pedal from Edgemead to Noordhoek for coffee, while his favourite off-road ride is in Majick Forest near Durbanville “for the thrilling downhill after the slog to the top!”

Gordon Laing

Gordon Laing

Vice Chairman

Gordon is a registered Civil Engineer with a MBA and B.Com degree with immense sustainable transport, cycling and strategic planning expertise. Gordon is a strong advocate for utility cycling (i.e. commuting in its broadest form) in a sustainable and socially responsible way. He consults on the development of Sustainable Strategies for local and provincial authorities, corporates and NGO’s. Recent clients include the World Wide Fund for Nature, the cities of Cape Town, Johannesburg and Tshwane and Stellenbosch, and the Brazilian Department of Transport.

Recent cycling-related projects in which Gordon was involved, include developing Tshwane’s Non-Motorised Transport Framework (2013) and Stellenbosch’s Cycle Plan (2015). Gordon is a key member of the consortium which has recently been awarded the bid to develop the City of Cape Town’s new cycling strategy.Gordon also serves on the board of BEN (Bicycling Empowerment Network South Africa). He joined the committee in 2015.

When and why did you start cycling? “At school when I got a job delivering newspapers.” Favourite ride? “Doing a training ride in the early morning out along the False Bay Coastline to Cape Point Gate from home in Marina Da Gama, or cycling down to the Muizenberg beachfront for Breakfast or Coffee on my UK Postal Bike.” How many Cycle Tours have you done, and is there a specific memory that stands out? “25. My first Cycle Tour will always be a special one, although the camaraderie at the Windy Tour was amazing.” What do you hope to achieve in your 2 years on the Committee? “Contribute to raising awareness that cycling is more than sport or recreation and that it is a really important and acceptable means of transport – it is a means of creating access to opportunity for those that can’t really afford transport, it can contribute hugely to sustainability efforts and it can provide a sense of freedom to many.”

John Gale

John Gale

PPA Treasurer

John is a chartered accountant and joined the PPA Executive Committee in 2015. “I bought a bike again in 1997 – a Trek 4500 – and started doing some touring with my wife, Beth. MTB touring soon grew to include the longer rides like the Cycle Tour, and after Andrew Baxter introduced me to my cycle guru – Jakes Jakobsen – I started riding cross country, adventure races, and the Epic.”

John has a university blue for fencing, has completed 4 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathons and is one of 5 riders to have completed all 12 ABSA Cape Epics. Along the way, John has also completed more than 10 Cycle Tours and 10 Double Centuries. John is also a member of the Mountain Club of SA, the Cape Town Photographic Society and the School of Economic Sciences.

As treasurer, John hopes to be able to support the objectives of the organisation and add value to PPA through service on the committee.

David Bellairs

David Bellairs

Committee Member

David started cycling in 1988 as a result of a dare by a friend. He rode his first Cycle Tour in 1989 and joined the PPA committee in 1992. He is currently employed at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust. While he has completed the Cycle Tour some 15 times, nowadays the Cycle Tour is a day for hard work and little sleep. His favourite ride is over Constantia Nek, Chapmans Peak to Fish Hoek and then back to the southern suburbs via Boyes Drive. “It reminds one of just how lucky we are to be living in this wonderful city called Cape Town.”

Abbas Harris

Abbas Harris

Committee Member

For the next 2 years, I would like to focus on: There are many areas that can be improved upon. The experience of being a cyclist for the past 15 years combined with my experience and exposure in introducing cycling to the under-provileged community will add lots of value. Road cycling needs more support from PPA as mountain biking has taken priority. Grow the membership of PPA. Keeping kids fit in the off-season, allowing other sporting codes such as soccer, hockey and rugby to be brought into cycling to keep kids off the streets and kept active. More safe cycling projects should be introduced. How can the city of Cape Town and PPA work together to improve cycling opportunities. Improved access to the city with improved transport facilities for bicycles. Improve controls where bicycles are given to organisations.

Galiema Harris

Galiema Harris

Committee Member

For the next 2 years, I would like to focus on: I believe safe cycling is important. More exposure for PPA is on top of the list. Growing the membership. Making cycling available to many more. Kids need to cycle even at grass roots.

Frank Van Asperen

Frank Van Asperen

Committee Member

Frank has an MBA in Industrial engineering and management science and joined PPA Executive Commitee in 2018. While flying from Europe to Kenya he was reading about the Cape Epic and decided to buy a MTB and participate in 2006. Fell in love with the cycling sport and did various MTB (Cape Epic, Joburg2Sea) and Road bike races (Tour of Good hope, Cape Town City cycle tours, Double Centuries) as well as Ironman.

Having worked in various countries around the world in the commercial field, Frank hopes to be able to support PPA at realizing the organization objectives.

Madele van Heerden

Committee Member

Madele is a qualified CA(SA) and likes to ensure structure and governance and follow a systematic approach ensuring things get done.

In general, enjoying a healthy lifestyle, completed the ABSA Cape Epic in 2018, multiple 70.3 Ironman finisher, recently achieved the goal of 5x Transbaviaans races before 40 and has participated in most of the cycling events hosted in the Western Cape.

With so little races happening, focus on promoting commuting in South Africa ensuring it is safe and comfortable for cyclist to commute and looking to the rest of the world as an example for incentives and ideas to implement here in South Africa. Working together with the various establishments to make this happen.

Cycling should be fun- hoping to do something big for World Bicycle Day.

Being a woman, she is passionate to promote cycling for women and getting more women involved in all disciplines of cycling, creating an environment for women to feel safe and comfortable and not intimidated and ensure the necessary facilities are in place to cater for women’s needs.

Henri van der Merwe

Committee Member

I am passionate about the concept of cycling as an environmentally friendly an economical solution to improve mobility and to empower and improve societies and their environment. Projects like Bike4All excite and inspire me.

I believe that motorist behaviour is a critical obstacle that needs to be addressed in order to encourage a utility cycling culture. I also believe that it is important to draw a distinction between the promotion of utility cycling and sport cycling, and that the latter does not necessarily serve the purposes of the former.

I would not be joining the PPA EXCO with any grand plans, but rather with the intent to be of service where I can, particularly in furthering the agenda of utility cycling.

LuKholo Badi

Committee Member

“It would be so exciting to be part of the Pedal Power Exco. I have been the face of Pedal Power for the past 2 years and recognise the benefits of cycling and sport in our communities. Pedal Power makes a difference to so many rural communities and I can see it every day. South Africa has so many challenges and only together we will overcome all these challenges. Seeing commuters on bicycles instead of walking for hours will make an enormous change to so many of our township and rural people’s lives. I believe that Pedal Power should not only focus on Western Cape but spread more to all the regions as the core of the organisation is strong.”