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PPA Funride Rules

The following funride rules will apply to all PPA road events, from 1 September 2007 onwards:


1.  The PPA, organisers and their employees, volunteers and assistants shall not be liable to any cyclist or other person claiming on behalf of a cyclist for damage to property, personal injury or death caused before, during or after the funride, whether such damage to property, personal injury or death was caused with the negligence or gross negligence of the PPA, organisers and their employees, volunteers and assistants and shall not be liable for any claim for contribution or indemnification in this regard.


2.  Every cyclist shall ride carefully and with due regard to the safety of other cyclists and other road users.


3. Every cyclist, except cyclists of recumbent cycles where it is impractical to do so, shall wear a bicycle helmet with the strap securely fastened under his/her chin.


4.  Every cyclist shall comply with all road traffic regulations except under the following circumstances


4.1 When it would be dangerous to do so;


4.2  When directed otherwise by a course marshal or traffic officer;
4.3   A cyclist shall stop at traffic lights and stop streets and yield at yield signs unless directed otherwise by a course marshal or traffic officer;
4.4  Cyclists may ride two or more abreast, provided that they do not impede the flow of traffic unreasonably.


5.   Every cyclist shall immediately comply with the instructions of a PPA marshal, a course marshal and/or a traffic officer.


6.  Every cyclist shall provide information requested by any PPA marshal immediately.


7.   Every cyclist shall keep as far to the left of the road surface as is safe having regard to the circumstances and conditions, including the need to take a lane when appropriate.


8.  A cyclist shall not cross the median (whether the median is marked or not) of any road unless the road is closed to other traffic.


9.   A cyclist shall not unnecessarily impede the flow of traffic.


10.  Every cyclist shall at all times display his or her race number legibly on his or her back and display other identification to indicate participation in the funride.


11.  Every cyclist shall identify himself or herself and provide his or her address on request to a PPA marshal and to any other cyclist requesting such information after a collision or race incident.


12.  A cyclist shall not ride a bicycle fitted with triathlon, time trial or Spinachi-type bars. Mountain bike bars are allowed.


13.  Every cyclist shall ride the full course entered for and shall not cross the timing mats if he or she failed to ride the full course.


14.  A cyclist may not use a personal music system or a radio communication device, including a cellular phone, whilst riding except that a member of a team registered with Cycling South Africa may use a radio communication device.


15.  A cyclist shall not receive any assistance from a seconding motor vehicle on the course and shall not arrange for a seconding motor vehicle to follow the course, except for a team registered with Cycling South Africa if a licensed team manager drives the vehicle.


16.  A cyclist shall not ride with another person’s number or timing identification transponder.


17.  The finishing time of a cyclist shall not be adjusted due to any action or inaction of any person involved in the organisation of the race, another cyclist or any other person.


18.  A child cyclist under the age of 10 years shall ride with an accompanying adult at all times.


19.  No cyclist shall carry a child on a bicycle on a route over 7 km, except where the child is the stoker on a tandem or on a trailer bike.


20.  A cyclist shall not use foul language.


21.  No cyclist shall dispose of any litter along the course except in refuse bins.


22.  No cyclist shall smoke at the start chutes or whilst riding.


23.  No cyclist may start or attempt to start before his or her designated start.


24.  A cyclist shall endeavour to complete the course with his or her own effort and shall not receive any assistance in this regard other than drafting behind or being pushed by another cyclist participating in the funride or receiving mechanical assistance.


25.  Every cyclist shall provide reasonable assistance to any other cyclist involved in an accident.


26.  Every cyclist shall be responsible to other cyclists for the proper control of his or her bicycle.


27.  A cyclist may not participate whilst under the influence of alcohol or any drug or medication that prevents or might prevent a cyclist from properly controlling his or her bicycle.


28.  A cyclist may not use performance enhancing drugs.  A cyclist (other than a licensed cyclist) is not subject to anti-doping regulations.


29.  In addition to these rules, licensed cyclists shall also comply with the UCI regulations insofar as the UCI regulations do not conflict with these rules.


30.  Any cyclist who is informed by a person who may summarily disqualify him or her that he or she is disqualified shall immediately slow down and cease riding with the group that he or she was riding with.


31.  Every cyclist entering a funride consents to his name and/or number being publicly displayed and publicised (including on the internet) in the event that he or she is disqualified.


32. A cyclist may be disqualified summarily without a hearing by any one of the following persons:
32.1   A PPA marshal;
32.2   A member of the PPA Executive Committee;
32.3   The PPA funride co-ordinator;
32.4   The PPA General Manager;
32.5   Any other person authorized by the PPA.


33.  Such disqualification shall be done by 18:00 on the same day.


34. In the event that a person is aggrieved by a summary disqualification he or she may request in writing to the PPA within 24 hours of the completion of the race to be reinstated.  Such a person may supplement such a request for reinstatement in the event of he or she receiving further information at a later time.


35.  Any such request for reinstatement shall be considered by a tribunal appointed for that purpose who may:
35.1 Take no action;
35.2  Reinstate the person;
35.3  Order that further information be obtained;
35.4   Impose additional or alternative penalties as provided for in the PPA Constitution.


36.  Whether or not a cyclist has been summarily disqualified, the tribunal appointed in terms of the PPA Constitution may on notice to a cyclist by e-mail or other means of communication call a hearing to determine whether a cyclist should be disqualified, a disqualification should be confirmed and whether another or additional penalty be imposed for a breach of the rules.


37.  The tribunal shall afford a cyclist an opportunity to make representation either in writing or orally (as determined by the tribunal) before imposing any penalty other than disqualification.


38.  A cyclist shall not be entitled to legal representation at such a hearing, except with the permission of the chairman of the tribunal.  The procedures and penalties provided for in the Constitution of the Pedal Power Association shall be applicable, whether or not the cyclist is a member of the Association