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Table Mountain (safety) ride

Table Mountain (safety) ride

Join the Table Mountain Bikers on Sunday 28 August 2011 for a leisurely ride on Table Mountain. This ride will form part of the “Mountain Safety Day” which is coordinated by SANParks, Police and Metro Police, with various interested parties also onboard.

Table Mountain is in the news every once in a while with reports of muggings on the mountain. The aim on “Mountain Safety Day” is to get a group of at least 100 mountain bikers to ride across the mountain from Kloof Nek to the Blockhouse, to create awareness of the efforts to promote safety on Table Mountain.

Table Mountain Bikers is a private initiative that provides a Forum for mountain bikers to connect with each other for group rides, to share information and also find out about what is happening on Table Mountain. “We want to make the Mountain a safer place to ride by trying to get as many people out there to make use of the mountain on a regular basis,” says Robert Vogel, who started the initiative.

“The 100 Mountain Bikers Ride is one such initiative. This is a social, informal, non-competitive ride for young and old, fit and unfit, parents and children – anybody who is passionate about Table Mountain as a safe recreational oasis within the urban environment.” Please note that while children are most welcome, it will be expected that their parents will ride with and look after them at all times.

Cyclists are invited to gather at the parking area at the top of Kloof Nek Road (on the Cable Car side) from 08h45, to depart for the Blockhouse at 09h00.

The route goes a short way up Tafelberg Road before turning left onto the Jeep Track through Deer Park, past the ‘Pepper Pots’ and then up towards the Blockhouse. Riding will take place mostly on jeep tracks and is largely non-technical.

The pace will be leisurely. The envisaged ride time to the Blockhouse will be about 55 minutes to an hour. Cyclists can use their favourite route back to Kloof Nek, although the preferred route is to return via Tafelberg Road.

“Table Mountain Bikers wants a safe mountain for everyone. We encourage runners to come along and jog on the day; hikers to walk to the Blockhouse and join SAPS, SANParks and other Law Enforcement Agencies as a symbol of solidarity in the effort to tackle crime on the mountain,” Robert said.

–    Do not litter
–    Always wear sunscreen
–    Always wear a helmet if you are cycling
–    Always carry spares to fix a puncture – and know how to do it! (or take someone along who can fix the puncture for you)
–    Cyclists please yield trail to hikers/runners
–    If you are hiking, take along a hat or peak cap
–    The weather can turn in a matter of minutes – always carry a light wind/rain jacket
–    Always have enough water with you
–    Tell someone when you are walking/running/cycling on the mountain, what time you should be expected back, and give them an idea of the route you are expecting to take
–    Leave your valuables at home
–    If possible, take along a friend or two – not only is there safety in numbers, but there’s someone to hear you when you say: “Oh, look at that view!”
–    Remember to have your SANParks MyGreen/Wild Card on you
–    In case of emergencies, phone 0861 106 417 or Cape Town Central Police on (021) 467-8001/2

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