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Winter safety tips

Winter safety tips

With winter fast approaching, please ensure that you are visible when you go out on your bicycle, especially if it is close to dawn or dusk, or if it is rainy or misty.
Fit decent lights to your bicycle – a steady white light in front and a flashing red light at the rear. Make sure your rear light is not obscured by your spares bag.

Wear a reflective strip around your ankle – the motion is usually easily picked up and helps you to be more visible, especially if vehicles have their lights on.

Wear light-coloured clothing – luminous colours work very well, as well as light colours like white or yellow.

Use common sense – rather stay on roads with decent lighting and a road shoulder, and ride in single file.

See the commuting section for many more tips on safe cycling. Do you have a tip you’d like to share? Please email it to us!