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West Coast Express is back!

West Coast Express is back!

Great news: The organisers of the West Coast Express, the Outriders Cycling Club, have managed to obtain permission from traffic and local authorities for a new route for the West Coast Express. The event will now take place on Sunday 11 December 2016.

Two brand-new routes are on offer: 78 km and 52 km.

Both routes will head out from Killarney along Koeberg Road past the Refinery and Burgundy Estate where after riders will tackle the climb up the back of Tiekiedraai. Once through Durbanville, cyclists in the long route will head out towards the Fisantekraal airfield before returning towards Durbanville via the silos and Adderley Road.

Then it’s time for an interesting twist: A short pedal on 1.8 km smooth gravel section on the Malanshoogte road and the climb up the back of Malanshoogte. From there riders will return via the rollers on the Contermanskloof Road, doing half a lap on the Killarney racetrack to finish on the main straight.

The short route will exit Durbanville via Adderley road before joining up with the long route at Malanshoogte.

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