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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the brand-new PPA website. We are very excited about this site, as it offers many new features, while information should be easier to find (plus there’s loads more of it!). Continue to read here for a brief site overview, how things work, where you can find info and where you can report errors to.

Firstly, please click on the “Register now” section which you’ll find on most pages. This will allow you to create your web profile for this site. You’ll get an immediate membership status and seeding update, and your most recent results will show. In a day or two we’ll open up our new forums and you will then be able to post comments on our various new discussion forums (and – as requested – there’s a forum where you can ask for ride buddies!). Only members who have registered for the website will be able to post comments to the forums.

The “MyPPA” section also has some great new social media features. Amongst others, you’ll be able to invite friends to link to you, chat and email to them, upload your pic and more. Again, you’ll be able to do this only once you have registered for the site, so do register and create your own profile and start playing!

Brand new events section with interactive maps
We can’t wait to get your feedback on our fabulous new events section, where we’ll be able to post route maps that you can view on Google Earth, as well as interactive directions to the venue from wherever you are. Try it – you’ll not only get a map showing you how to drive to a venue, you can now even print it out to take with you! We have started adding some route maps for a road route or two (but please bear with us – it takes quite a bit of time to create these maps but will eventually do so for all our events) and will add route maps for the MTB events as soon as we can get a GPS around the course as these MTB routes have to be ridden to create a map (if you can perhaps assist us by riding a route with your GPS, either during an event or just before the event – please email us).

Brief site overview
Check out the “global navigation links” with their drop-down sections in the top red horisontal bar. Amongst others, there’s new information on how to become one of PPA’s cycling marshals, or what you can do to assist with cycling development and transformation.

On the home page above the rotating image, the various tabs will take you to specific mini-sites (with their own dedicated navigation) which we did not have on the old site. They will be updated regularly – especially the galleries.

On the home page, you can toggle between the tabs “Announcements“, “News“, “Calendar” etc.,with the Announcements tab being the default one. The ‘calendar’ tab is a quick link to the next few events on our calendar, while the “Results” tab will take you directly to the last few event results – no more searching around the site to get the info! In the same vein, the “Online entries” tab takes you directly to a page with the specific online entries for the next few events.

The Pedal Power Association will in the near future boast a Facebook page and Twitter account, which will be linked to this website. As they say – watch this space!

Browse the site and win!
We’d love to get your feedback on the new site. In particular, what other information would you like to see here? In browsing the site, if you perhaps find links that don’t work – please drop us an email and tell us about it, and you could win a PPA water bottle for your efforts, plus our heartfelt and utmost thanks 🙂

Happy browsing!

Yours in cycling
The PPA Team