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Have you signed the PPA petition for cyclist awareness in K53 manual/test?

Have you signed the PPA petition for cyclist awareness in K53 manual/test?

Pedal Power Association is calling for improvements to be made to the K53 Manual and Driving Licence Test to make bicycle awareness a core part of driver training and testing, with emphasis on how much space to give cyclists, how to safely interact with cyclists at intersections, and how to safely overtake cyclists.

South Africa’s National Department of Transport is committed to getting more people to ride bicycles, more safely. This is one of the main objectives of the National Non-Motorised Transport Policy (draft 2008).

“The importance of this policy and its benefits to the future generation of this country cannot be overemphasised.  Through non-motorised transportation we are ensured an opportunity to improve quality of lives, energy conservation and a safe sustainable environment for all future generations to come.”

However, one of the main reasons why more people do not ride is because they are afraid of being injured or killed by a motorised vehicle. It is a simple as that.  We believe the K53 Manual and Driving License test should specifically include information on bicycles.

Sign our petition next time you come to the PPA Office, or sign the online version here.