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The latest on cycling events in the Deep South Peninsula

The latest on cycling events in the Deep South Peninsula

Every once in a while we are asked why there are fewer funrides in the “Deep South” (Fish Hoek and beyond) than there were a few years ago.

Due to the rehabilitation and upgrading of the Main Road between Muizenberg and Clovelly, the City of Cape Town advised two years ago that an embargo has been placed on all cycle events using the Main Road until at least the end of 2016.

pot hole
Due to the road works, the roadway has been narrowed and severely restricted. As there is no alternative route, all traffic entering and leaving the deep south is obliged to use either the Main Road or Ou Kaapseweg (which is already at capacity). With the lack of an alternative, Main Road cannot be closed either for the duration of a funride, with Boyes Drive being on the Cape Town side of the road works.
Contractually, only the two major sporting events in the Cape, the Cape Town Cycle Tour and the Old Mutual Two Oceans, will be accommodated.


The City of Cape Town recently noted that, as a result of the continued development of the south peninsula region, the traffic volumes generated in this area have steadily increased over the past few years to the extent that both the Main Road and Ou Kaapseweg are heavily trafficked throughout the day. Weekend tourist traffic has also increased, particularly on Sundays. Accordingly, no temporary closure of Ou Kaapseweg can be considered for the duration of a funride.

The City therefore advised that funrides are contained within the deep south (south of Fish Hoek) and all funride organisers of events along the Peninsula were advised accordingly, or to move their event to another area until the roadworks are completed.
One of the organisers embraced the change; while two decided to take a break from cycling. For instance, Journey4Sight changed its route to start/finish in Fish Hoek and, with a climb up Red Hill. This proved to be a popular though testing route, even though it is less than 60 km.
The good news is that one of the funride organisers this week met with us to explore coming back onto the Summer calendar using a route similar to “Journey4Sight” in 2016, while another ‘Summer” organiser is exploring putting on a second event. PPA remains in regular contact with the City to check whether any changes have been made to the schedule.

We’ll keep you posted!