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The City of Cape Town will continue to allow cycling on the Sea Point Promenade…

The City of Cape Town will continue to allow cycling on the Sea Point Promenade…

03 May 2022

The City of Cape Town has concluded a preliminary assessment of the comments received on the proposal about the recreational use of the Sea Point Promenade. The majority of those who participated in this commenting process supports cycling on the promenade. Read more below:

Residents and interested and affected parties had the opportunity to comment on the City’s proposals from 10 March to 10 April 2022. 

A total of 1 953 comments were received during this time, with the majority indicating that bicycles should be allowed along this very popular recreational space.

‘Although the majority of the respondents supports cycling on the promenade, many have raised concerns about pedestrian safety and the potential danger and risk posed by cyclists. Given the preliminary outcome, I want to confirm the proposal to ban cyclists from the promenade is off the table. That said, the City will, in coming months, investigate interventions that will improve the safety of all of those using the promenade,’ said Councillor Rob Quintas, the City’s Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Mobility.

Officials are currently assessing residents’ comments and proposals.

The outcome of the public participation process, including proposals from the public, and recommendations on the way forward, will be included in a report. It is anticipated that this report will be concluded by mid-year where after it will serve before the Portfolio Committee on Urban Mobility and Subcouncil 16 for consideration.

‘I want to thank all of those who made the effort to comment on the City’s proposal, and for attending the open days we hosted during this time. The Sea Point Promenade is one of Cape Town’s most iconic recreational spaces, thus, the vigorous engagements and number of comments came as no surprise. We welcome the interest in this topic and I also want to thank the City officials for their efforts in facilitating an inclusive public participation process. 

‘In my view this public participation process was very successful in that it demonstrates that the City is eager and willing to test proposals with our residents, and that we listen to comments and feedback. It is very important that residents participate and comment on ideas and proposals that have an impact on their lives and living experiences,’ said Councillor Quintas. 

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City of Cape Town, Media Office