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Safe Cycling: Silent Protest in Kalk Bay/ St James

Safe Cycling: Silent Protest in Kalk Bay/ St James

The Pedal Power Association arranged a silent protest for deceased bicycle commuter Suviytlea Same who was killed on route to work last Wednesday in St James/Muizenberg.

Cyclists came to suport the cause and show respect for our fallen comrade

Ben Wheeler (BEN), David Bellairs (PPA) and Dr Ivan meyer (MRC - Cultural Affairs: Sport and Recreation) attended the silent protest.


The protest was well attended by among others MEC Dr Ivan Meyer who stressed the importance of cycling and road safety.

Dr Ivan Meyer addressing the crowed

The Association is on a major drive to increase awareness and ensure that motorists adhere to the recommended best practice of a 1.5m berth when passing a cyclist due to become law at the end of the year. The message is a clear and simple one; “Cyclists stay alive at 1.5”.


Cyclists stay alive at 1.5m


A memorial "Ghost Bike" was left at the area where the cyclist died.