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Reminder to renew your PPA Membership for 2024/2025

Reminder to renew your PPA Membership for 2024/2025

This is a friendly reminder to please renew your PPA membership for 2024/2025, if you have not done so yet. We would be grateful if you could please take a moment to do so by clicking on the link provided below. We have kept the fees as low as possible as we understand the economic pressures that many of us face.

At the heart of our organisation lies a commitment to promote cycling and advocate on behalf of cyclists on important cycling issues. Your membership fees and voluntary contributions play a pivotal role in enabling us to achieve these objectives.

We appreciate your (existing and new) annual membership contributions, which allow us to keep doing the ‘’unseen and sometimes complex’’ advocacy work. This contributes to safer roads and increases opportunities to organise fun and safe events that are accessible to many of our members. Some of these do take time, but we remain committed to promoting cycling and the interests of all cyclists on a national level.

You are also given the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution towards supporting our Bike4All and Safe Cycling initiatives. These voluntary contributions of R50 strengthens these worthy campaigns.



Individual membership – R300

Family membership* – R400

Under 18 membership – R50

Supporting Bike4All campaign** – R50

Supporting the Safe Cycling campaign*** – R50

Total individual membership package (incl. contributions) – R400

Total family membership (incl. contributions) – R500


* Main member, spouse, unlimited children U18 living in the same home.

** Bike4All helps put more people on bikes to share the economic, social, environmental and health benefits of cycling with our fellow South Africans. Your voluntary contribution will support our partnership with the Bicycling Empowerment Network (BEN) to get affordable bikes into more communities along with safety training, bike maintenance initiatives and support.

*** Safe Cycling: Your voluntary contribution will support our ongoing work to educate motorists and other road users to ‘stay wider of the rider’. We also campaign to strengthen laws and regulations to safeguard cyclists; lobby for improved signage for cyclists and motorists in hotspots; and provide reflective safety gear and helmets to cyclists in low-income communities.

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