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Project funding 2012

Project funding 2012

We need your help! The PPA Executive Committee is looking for a cycling-related project/s that the Association itself can take on during 2012. In other words, what kind of project do you think the Association should become involved with? Perhaps you can think of something to do with cycling development and schools cycling; a specific commuting-related project or a project that would assist previously disadvantaged communities?

Maybe it’s something as huge as building a Velodrome or a bicycle park, or maybe you have some great ideas around BMX or off-road cycling? Maybe you have an idea for a new cycling event that the PPA can get off the ground?

Whatever the idea, as with the internal and external projects previously funded by PPA, the proposed new PPA-own project(s) must meet one or more of our Association’s objectives as detailed in our Constitution:

“The main purpose and object of the Association is to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Association has the following ancillary objectives:

(a)      To promote cycling as a recreational activity, a sport and/or as a means of transportation;
(b)      To improve conditions for cyclists, with particular regard to their safety;
(c)      To arrange and organise cycle tours, fun rides and outings;
(d)      To co-ordinate cycle tours, fun rides and outings.”

While we are not excluding smaller cycling-related projects, we are in particular looking for ideas for a ‘legacy’ project, i.e. a project that will still be active many years from now; the sort of project that will make you proud to be associated with as a PPA member.

Note: This is not an invitation to submit funding applications (i.e. for you to obtain funding from the Association for your cycling-related project). This is more like a brainstorm session for projects that the PPA members think the Association should be involved in. In all likelihood the project will be executed by the Executive Committee and/or PPA staff.

So, please put your thinking cap on, and email before 31 August with your ideas, so that we can give feedback at the AGM on 14 September.

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