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Join one of four PPA ‘safe cycling’ start groups at the 2015 Knysna cycle tour

Join one of four PPA ‘safe cycling’ start groups at the 2015 Knysna cycle tour

Four PPA ‘STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER’ start groups with preferential start times have been included at the 2015 Momentum Weekend Argus Knysna Cycle Tour, presented by Rotary. The mountain bike and road race events take place on 4 and 5 July. The 50 km and 80 km mountain bike races are premier seeding events for the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

The only requirement for being accepted into one of these start groups is that you must ride the event in a PPA ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ jersey. There are no seeding requirements or further costs linked to these start groups. Spots will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. You can apply online for a spot in one of the start groups at the same time as buying your PPA ‘Stay wider of the Rider’ jersey (which you can collect from the PPA stand at the Expo). If you already have a jersey, simply follow this link to apply now for a spot in one of the start groups.

PPA ‘STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER’ jerseys are available online now at a discounted rate of R300 for a short sleeve and R390 for a long-sleeve jersey. You will also be able to buy one of these highly visible shirts at the PPA stand at the Knysna Expo. Should there still be spaces available, you will still be able to register for a place in one of the Safe Cycling start groups at the Knysna Expo.

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The start groups are:

MTB events Saturday 4 July:

  • 80 km: First seeded group (CA): 50 participants
  • 50 km: First seeded group (DA): 50 participants

Road events Sunday 5 July:

  • 109 km: Second seeded group (AB): 50 participants
  • 50 km: Second seeded group (B): 50 participants



Click here to register and pay now for your PPA Stay Wider of the Rider jersey online and receive a R100 discount and apply for your spot in one of the safe cycling start groups.

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The Pedal Power Association is a Public Benefit Organisation committed to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists. Our new ‘STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER’ campaign launched in February 2015 ahead of the 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour. It is aiming to create maximum awareness amongst all road users, especially motorists, which will hopefully lead to safer roads for all cyclists.

Join thousands of supporters and pledge your support for the PPA Safe Cycling campaign by riding in a PPA STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER jersey.

Visibility is a key issue that contributes towards cycling accidents on our roads. The new “Stay Wider of the Rider” safe cycling jerseys are highly visible and include the simple “Stay Wider of the Rider” message, says chairman of the Pedal Power Association, Steve Hayward.  “It is our responsibility as drivers to become more aware and tolerant of other road users,” says Hayward.

Statistics show that 84% of cycling fatalities on our roads are caused by cyclists being hit by a motor vehicle from behind or when a vehicle underestimates the speed of a cyclist and turns in front of the cyclist. Cyclists have almost no protection when they are involved in an accident, so by giving them adequate space on the roads, motorists can avoid accidents that can cost precious lives. 

The PPA launched the very successful ‘Cyclists Stay Alive at 1.5’ campaign back in 2011 which resulted in a law promulgated in 2013 in the Western Cape which states that motorists must pass cyclists with a passing distance of (at least) 1m. Through the STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER campaign, PPA urges motorists to obey the law and pass cyclists at a safe distance of at least 1 metre or more.

Top South African celebrities DJ Fresh, Joel Stransky, Gugu Zulu, DJ Suga and Anne Siroky all support the campaign, assisting to deliver a powerful message in support of safe cycling via the media.

Come ride with us at Knysna and show your support for Safe Cycling in South Africa.


Contact Liz Heydra at the PPA Office on (021) 761-3478 / 6340 or email