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PPA members: Safe cycling start groups for the Cycle Tour

PPA members: Safe cycling start groups for the Cycle Tour

PPA members are invited to apply to ride in the PPA Safe Cycling STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER start group 2J (07h17*) or 5C (08h46) at the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour.

Show your support for safe cycling by riding the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour in a STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER jersey. And if you would like to ride in one of our two start groups, please apply using the link below!

Visibility is a key contributing factor to cycling accidents. More than 84% of incidents happen when drivers hit cyclists from behind, with the drivers claiming that they never saw the cyclists. PPA’s “Stay Wider of the Rider” cycling jerseys are made from a high-visibility lumo-yellow fabric that stands out during the day, and has additional reflective strips at the back for cycling at night. We urge you to be seen on the road… help us to spread the word by wearing a Stay Wider of the Rider jersey at the 2017 Cycle Tour, as well as when you cycle on the road.

When you are driving your car as opposed to riding your bicycle, “Stay Wider of the Rider” also means passing cyclists at a distance of a metre or more which, incidentally, has been law in the Western Cape since 2013.

We also urge you to be an example to other road users- whether you are in a car or on a bicycle- by sharing the road and being respectful towards other road users.

We would like to invite you to visit the PPA stand at the Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifestyle Expo. Pledge your support to safe cycling and come and sign our pledge walls! You will also be able to buy a Safe Cycling jersey at a special price to our PPA members:
Short Sleeve: R300
Long Sleeve: R390
Gilet (sleeveless windbreaker): R400
We also will be selling sets of arm warmers (black or white; R120 per pair to PPA members) and safe cycling socks (R50 per pair to PPA members).

PPA has been allocated 200 spots per start group for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour. Please note that for the 2J Start Group, seeding parameters apply.

Applications for the two start groups will be taken online only and will close at 17h00 on Friday 10 February 2017. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

So how do you get accepted into one of these start groups?
1. You must already be successfully entered into the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour.
2. You agree to ride the entire Cycle Tour in the current ‘STAY WIDER OF THE RIDER’ cycling jersey. The old 2013/2014 ‘Stay Alive at 1.5m’ jerseys will unfortunately not be accepted into the start chutes. The new ‘lumo’ yellow jerseys can be ordered online and can be bought from our offices in Kenilworth; as well as at the Cycle Tour Expo.

If you are accepted and seeded into one of these start groups, you will not receive an individual Cycle Tour seeding/number as well. Please note that we can unfortunately not guarantee that you will be accepted into a Safe Cycling start group.

In order to be considered for the Safe Cycling start group, please click on this link and complete the application online.

There is no cost associated with this application. You will be asked to include a short motivation, stating why you would like to ride in one of these start groups and how you feel the campaign benefits cyclists.

All cyclists who had entered the Cycle Tour will be notified by the Cycle Tour via email as to their seeding for the event. If your application to be reseeded into the PPA Stay Wider of the Rider start group is NOT successful, you will remain seeded in your original Cycle Tour start group. If you have been accepted into one of the Safe Cycling start groups, you will first be contacted to confirm that you do want to move to the new start group before things are finalised.

  • NOTE: Seeding parameters will be applied to the 2J start group.