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PPA members get a 15% discount on the Garmin Varia

PPA members get a 15% discount on the Garmin Varia

Garmin partners with Pedal Power Association to promote a safer riding environment for cyclists

Many cyclists are injured in vehicle crashes every year, and of these incidents around 40% occur when a cyclist is hit from behind. So when Garmin launched the first-of-its-kind radar system for bikes, known as Varia rear-view bike radar and Varia smart bike lights, the partnership with a like minded organization was inevitable. The partnership between Garmin and PPA gives their members a 15% discount off the Varia products.



Varia rear-view bike radar warns cyclists of vehicles approaching from behind from up to 140 meters away, while the Varia smart bike lights automatically adjust to changing conditions as well as the speed of the cyclist. Both the radar and lights work independently or seamlessly integrate with each other and with compatible Edge cycling computers (Compatible with Edge 1000; Edge 810; Edge 510, Edge 520 and Edge 25 via a software update).


“As leaders in innovative cycling technology, we’re excited to introduce our line of cycling awareness products and to partner with PPA to promote a safer riding environment for cyclists,” said Marc Bainbridge, Fitness Category Manager of Garmin Southern Africa. “Varia rear-view bike radar and smart bike lights not only alert cyclists of vehicles, but also alert the vehicles of the cyclist. With Garmin cycling products you can now track all your essential stats with peace of mind on the roads.”


Varia Rear-view Bike Radar

The system includes a radar tail light transmitter and a radar display unit. The radar tail light transmitter detects approaching vehicles from up to 140 meters behind and increases brightness as cars approach. When in flashing mode, it increases flashing intensity as well. The radar display unit and compatible Edge cycling computers show up to eight vehicles as they approach, indicating increasing risk with a change in colour on a LED interface or using an overlay of the current data screen on an Edge device.

Varia Smart Bike Lights

Based on GPS data from a compatible Garmin Edge device, the Varia headlight beam automatically projects further ahead at faster speeds and closer as a rider’s speed decreases and features a high-beam cut-off to prevent blinding oncoming vehicles. Operating in solid and flashing modes with increased intensity when cyclists decelerates to warn approaching traffic and increasing awareness of cyclists on the roads.

Want to claim your PPA membership benefit discount?

The partnership between Garmin and PPA gives their members a 15% discount off the Varia products, and in support for road cycling safety, Garmin will contribute R50 to the PPA for each Varia product purchased through this initiative.  Email us now on and we’ll send you a unique PPA code to use to redeem your discount online.


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