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PPA launches exciting Academy for promising riders

PPA launches exciting Academy for promising riders

The Pedal Power Association is excited to launch the PPA Academy, an opportunity for promising young riders to gain international racing experience.

Our local PPA 2016-2017 League will serve as the platform for riders to achieve results and become eligible for the PPA Academy.

Six young riders will be offered limited financial assistance (see below) towards international participation. The selection of riders will be based on their participation in the 2016-2017 PPA league series and points scored in this league, and as detailed below.

Terms and conditions for overseas assistance offered will be outlined upon selection, and will be limited to the selected riders in the PPA Academy participating for a minimum of 6 weeks in races on the racing calendars of cycling nations ranked in the top 10 in the world, for the dates as listed below. Cyclists will be free to choose their path within these guidelines. If they, however, do not have their own solution as to how to best utilize this offer, PPA will assist in finding a suitable option for international exposure.

What to do?

The six PPA Academy riders will be drawn from the u/23 (male and female) and junior (male and female) categories only. These riders must fall within the Junior and u/23 categories for 2017. (More information to follow in this regard.)

Riders must be PPA members. Refer to the PPA league rules for additional league requirements.



The 2016-2017 League will run over these events:

  • Enjoy One Tonner 2016
  • CWC Durbie Dash 2016
  • Bouckaert-Soenen 2017
  • Journey for Sight 2017
  • Tour de PPA 2017
  • After the cancellation of the West Coast Express when traffic permissions were withdrawn at the last moment, an alternative event is being looked at in January 2017. Results of the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour may be taken into consideration, if required. For more information, email



The top rider on points at the end of the 2016-2017 PPA League in each of the Junior Men, Junior Women, u/23 Men and u/23 Women’s categories will be selected for the PPA Academy. PPA will select an additional two league participants from these age categories to be included in the PPA Academy.

The six PPA Academy participants will each receive R25 000 (twenty five thousand rand) towards travel and racing expenses, within the guidelines set out by PPA.  Age categories applicable will be determined by the UCI age categories for 2017.

If there are no participants in a particular category, PPA will determine which of the other categories will be eligible for more than one bursary winner.

Bursary awards will be handed over at the official 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour prize giving.



Selected candidates must be available to participate overseas between the end of June 2017 and early August 2017. The duration of the program will be no less than six weeks, but riders can extend their overseas participation at their own cost. This will, however, not affect the bursary amount offered by PPA, which is capped at R25 000 per rider.


A cyclist who is offered a place in the PPA Academy must accept the bursary by no later than 15 March 2017, failing which another candidate may be considered.

 Training & Mentorship Package

For four young riders showing potential but who do not qualify for a PPA Academy bursary, PPA will award a 3-month bursary valued at a maximum of R1000 per month prior to the 2017-2018 PPA Leagues series, for a local ‘Training and Mentorship’ package designed to assist these riders to realise their potential.

PPA encourages organisations that offer these kind of programs to consider sharing their knowledge and assisting young riders thorough the PPA Academy.



As part of our ongoing support for development cycling clubs, PPA has negotiated discounts with 3 bicycle distributors to allow development clubs to support their aspiring young riders to purchase a racing/competition bicycle at a reduced price.

In the past, PPA has assisted development clubs on a limited basis with entry-level bicycles, which tend to limit a rider’s competitive ability due to the additional weight of the frameset and basic components. PPA’s core mandate remains unchanged and we will continue to offer a limited number of entry-level bicycles only, in order to get more people cycling. However, development club junior riders may now choose to use the PPA entry-level amount as a ‘subsidy’ as well as the distributor’s discount, making the remaining financial contribution themselves, in order to purchase the racing bike of their choice from the available brands.

Available brands: Giant, GT, Schwinn, Cannondale, Avalanche and BH (only these brands). Discounts relate only to full bicycles, not to bicycle spares, wheel sets and the like.

How it works

Only members younger than 23 years old, from development clubs recognized by PPA, are eligible for this offer. Requests must come from an office bearer of the club (Chairman, Vice chairman or Treasurer), stating the brand, model and size of the bike and for whom it is intended.

The PPA office will request the price from the distributor and provide the club with a quote (subsidy and discount deducted). Once the quote has been accepted by the Club and the balance of payment received by PPA, the bike will be ordered from the distributor.

Bicycles can be collected from the PPA office. The distributors have requested that all enquiries are channeled through PPA and will not enter into any correspondence with development clubs or riders in this regard.