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PPA gives back with reduced price for Safe Cycling jerseys

PPA gives back with reduced price for Safe Cycling jerseys

In the interests of safe cycling, the next 100 safe cycling jerseys will be sold at the subsidised cost of R175 per jersey. The PPA committee has decided to absorb a larger portion of the cost of the jersey, in order to assist cyclists to ‘get the message out there’.

More than 150 of these highly visible jerseys have already been sold.

The message is a simple one: If vehicles pass cyclists with a fair berth of 1.5m, cyclists will be safer on the roads. In addition, the bright yellow-and-red jerseys will make you more visible on the road, especially in low-light conditions. We are currently obtaining quotes for sleeveless wind jackets a well.

So please help us to spread the message by buying and wearing one of these shirts whenever you can. You can also assist to get the message out by putting a bumper sticker on your car (and give one to all your friends) – and please do drive responsibly and set an example when you then pass cyclists 😉

Cyclists who have in the interim paid R250, will be refunded the difference. Please contact to order your jersey now!