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PPA calls for increased safety on our roads

PPA calls for increased safety on our roads

The Pedal Power Association is extremely saddened that a cyclist was killed this morning on our local roads.

The Cycle Tour was started 35 years ago as a protest ride to bring to the attention that very little was being done by the authorities for cyclists and in particular, their safety. So many years later and we are gradually seeing the number of incidents involving cyclists increasing, instead of decreasing due to drivers who still do not give cyclists the respect they deserve.

Over the last year, the PPA has spent just over R500 000 on a safety awareness campaign. We have allocated nearly R1 m to expand the campaign in the next year, on a national level. The message is a simple one: Cyclists stay alive at 1.5m.

The Association will continue to drive this message until all deaths and incidents stop, and more. We will continue to petition the authorities for demarcated cycle paths and laws to increase the safety of cyclists. Here we include commuters from our disadvantaged areas and not only the lycra clad brigade. If the bus had passed the cyclist with a berth of 1.5m, this tragic incident would not have happened.

Our deepest sympathy go to the family of the cyclist and we sincerely hope that this appeal to all road users to share the road responsibly, will have a lasting, positive effect.

Steve Hayward

PPA Chairman