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PPA and BEN launches new schools safe cycling programme

PPA and BEN launches new schools safe cycling programme

The Pedal Power Association, in conjunction with the Bicycle Empowerment Network (BEN), launched a ‘schools safe cycling programme’ on Thursday 29 September at the Bergsig Primary School, Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats. The aim of the programme is to introduce children to cycling, whilst focusing on road safety.


“For 40 years, the PPA has been promoting cycling and the interests of cyclists. We believe that everyone should ride a bicycle every day – albeit to school, work, to the shops or just for fun. We are proud to be involved with this schools safe cycling programme as the safety of our children on bicycles is of utmost importance to us,” says PPA CEO, Robert Vogel.

“The number of children cycling to school alone has rapidly decreased over the past few decades, often because parents worry about traffic danger. We want to teach children about road safety and encourage parents to cycle with their children. Once your child is confident on their bike, getting them used to cycle on roads with dedicated cycle lanes, will improve their confidence and fitness,” explains Vogel.

The cycling programme consists of a theoretical lesson on all elements of cycling safety, followed by a practical session of riding bicycles in a controlled environment on the school grounds.

“Bicycles are a fun, eco-friendly and affordable way to get you where you need to be, but children need to be educated on safety when cycling,” explains Tim Mosdell, general manager of BEN. “Bicycles are for everyone, no matter your age!”


PPA launched the very successful ‘Cyclists Stay Alive at 1.5’ campaign back in 2011, which resulted in a 1 metre law being promulgated in 2013 in the Western Cape.  In 2014, the PPA launched the ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ campaign, urging motorists to pass cyclists at a safe distance of at least 1 metre or more. One of the aims of the campaign is to create awareness on the roads about how vulnerable cyclists are.

Plans are afoot to launch the safe cycling school programme nationally.

Should you wish to involve your school with our programme, please email us.