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PPA applauds cyclists for #stayinghome

PPA applauds cyclists for #stayinghome

“It has now been 14 days since the national lock down was implemented in South Africa. Let it be known that the cycling community is giving their full support during this difficult but crucial time period to combat the spread of the COVID 19 virus.  We know how difficult it has been for not only the cycling community, but for every athletic sporting segment of our society. By staying indoors – by being disciplined – you are choosing to be part of the solution.  PPA wishes to thank all cyclists for their amazing support and discipline during this very difficult time,” says chairman of the Pedal Power Association, Rens Rezelman.

“Being part of our daily routine, not being on the road or track is almost unimaginable for so many cyclists. The cabin fever makes this situation so much more difficult,” says Rezelman. Social media has been flooded with everyone making the best of the situation opting for indoor or home training whilst entertaining others with creative ways to stay fit and sane! For some this has been a perfect time to raise much needed funds for charities by means of cycling around the house or to virtually participate in a race with friends.

 “We know it is extremely hard to isolate whilst motivating yourself to mix up your workouts or make time for them at all. But the good news is that free apps or streaming services during this time that can replace your regular gym routine, and help keep up with your training, or introduce you to a new workout you may not have considered before,” says Rezelman.

Seeing you are house bound the following chores might also be a good option to stay fit and in your spouse’s good books!

Why not take the stairs if you stay in a building and have to go out for essential goods, it’s a pushing exercise that’s unilateral in nature, which is essentially what cycling is all about? Better yet, take the stairs two at a time.

Pick up bags with essential groceries in both hands, carrying them with arms straight by your side while walking with a tall posture and engaged core. Focus on keeping your upper body still and taking gliding steps while keeping your shoulders relaxed.

Extend the loaded basket of washing straight out in front of you. While keeping your arms straight, twist slowly to the left, then to the right, keeping your glutes engaged and driving the twist from your core and not your lower back.

Turn laundry day into leg day and instead of bending over to toss your clothes into the dryer, transfer the laundry an armful at a time by squatting down in front of the machine and do be careful not to arch your lower back.

You’re going to have to stand there anyway, so why not multitask and build stronger calves? While brushing your teeth, put your weight one foot and raise yourself onto your toes while keeping the opposite foot off the floor. Lower your heel back down slowly, and repeat, alternating sides.

Turn the chore of vacuuming into exercise by performing walking lunges as you push the vacuum around the room. Step forward and lower yourself down toward the ground by bending both legs to approximately a 90-degree angle, while keeping your front knee behind your toes. Push back up and step together.

“Stay safe, stay home. Let’s keep on doing what we are doing and hopefully we all will be out cycling soon,” Rezelman concludes.