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PPA and CSA: The way forward

PPA and CSA: The way forward

In February 2012, CSA wrote PPA out of its constitution despite PPA being granted entrenched rights in perpetuity in CSA’s founding constitution of 2004; PPA having been a primary motivator for unification prior to 2004.

Amongst others, the CSA founding constitution granted PPA the rights to register our members and run our affairs as we have done since PPA was formed some 30 years ago, including the right to coordinate our funride calendar without requiring pre-approval or sanctioning from CSA.

Since February 2012, PPA has been trying to resolve the issue with CSA through various meetings, emails and other forms of communication, with no forward movement on the matter.  In an attempt to finalise the matter, PPA has now filed an application in this regard with the High Court of South Africa.

“We are concerned that cyclists, and cycling as a whole, will be penalized through the lack of finalization of the current situation,” said PPA Chairman Steve Hayward. “We again want to reiterate that PPA did not ask to leave the CSA fold, and are resorting to legal means since all other attempts to resolve the matter have been unsuccessful. We simply want to continue as we have done since 1976, promoting cycling and the rights of cyclists in various ways.”

The founding affidavit can be found at this link.

The Notice of Motion can be found here