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PPA Academy is up and running after the first league event

PPA Academy is up and running after the first league event

The two league riders with the highest points in the PPA ACADEMY after the Enjoy One Tonner in the u/23 category are Max Sullivan (1), and Nicol Carstens (2); with Devin Shortt (1) and Daniyal Matthews (2) being the highest scorers in the u/18 category. Alison Morton is leading the female u/18-u/23 category.

The PPA ACADEMY is an exciting opportunity for young riders to gain international riding experience. The six events in the local PPA 2016-2017 League will serve as the platform for riders to achieve results and become eligible for the PPA Academy.

Six young riders will be offered limited financial assistance (see below) towards international participation during 2017. The selection of riders will be based on their participation in the 2016-2017 PPA league series and points scored in this league, and as detailed below.

Terms and conditions for overseas assistance offered will be outlined upon selection, and will be limited to the selected riders in the PPA Academy participating for a minimum of 6 weeks in races on the racing calendars of cycling nations ranked in the top 10 in the world, for the dates as listed elsewhere on our website. Cyclists will be free to choose their path within these guidelines. If they, however, do not have their own solution as to how to best utilize this offer, PPA will assist in finding a suitable option for international exposure.


The six PPA Academy riders will be drawn from the u/23 (male and female) and junior (male and female) categories only, from riders duly entered for and participating in the PPA league 2016-2017. These riders must fall within the Junior and u/23 categories for 2017. u/23 and u/18 riders who would like to be considered for the PPA ACADEMY can (still) join the Leagues at any stage – but you must be in the League to be considered for the PPA Academy. Riders participating in the funride categories will not be considered, even though they may have a faster time than the league riders at a particular event.

(Results of riders upgrading to a new age category in the new year will automatically fall away from the list in the current category. If they are upgrading from junior to U23 their results from races they started with the Elite/u23 group will be introduced into the list of the U23 ranking and the ranking adjusted accordingly after the first event in the new year.)

After the 2016 Enjoy One Tonner, the PPA Academy scoreboard for the top five riders  is as follows (subject to race officials’ confirmation):


  1. Max Sullivan
  2. Nicol Carstens
  3. Shaun Glover
  4. CP van Wyk
  5. Martin Freyer


  1. Devin Shortt
  2. Daniyal Matthews
  3. Rocco King
  4. Muttalib Sauls
  5. Byron Munton

Women u/18 and u/23

  1. Alison Morton

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