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New seeded numbers and seeding system

New seeded numbers and seeding system

The new 2017-2018 MTB boards will be distributed as from the 2017 Paarl Rotary / Backsberg MTB on Sunday 20 August 2017.

These new boards will be a permanent board and will include a new integrated Racetec MTB timing chip which will be linked to your profile.

PPA members receive their first board for free; non-members can buy a board at any event at R25 each. (Should you lose your board, a replacement board will be available at R50 at any event, or from the PPA Office as from 21 August 2017.)

Seeding will in future be determined per event, and your event sticker will from now on include your seeding for that particular event, so there’s no more need to exchange and pay for a new seeded MTB board as you get faster. The same principle will be used for road funride numbers in that you will receive a generic funride number which is linked to your profile on the database, and the event sticker that you receive at registration will include your seeding for that particular event.

We will advise as soon as the road funride numbers are available.