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Membership details lookup

Membership details lookup

Your PPA membership number can be obtained in one of the following ways:

1.    Your PPA membership number is displayed on our weekly email with events news. In the email, your name is displayed just above the grey banner at the top of the email (on the left of that line), with your membership number on the right in that same line.

2.    If you go to the RESULTS page and enter your name and surname, your PPA membership number is returned on the next page in the very first column, called “Ref Nr”. The PPA membership number (again called “Ref Nr”) is also displayed when you enter an event through the Racetec online entry system.

3.    You are welcome to phone the PPA Office during office hours on (021) 671-6340 / 4079.

4.    You are also welcome to email us.