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October is Transport Month. As a trial, the prohibition on the use of bicycles, skateboards and rollerblades  on the Sea Point promenade was lifted today, for the duration of the month. If all goes well, the prohibition will remain lifted on a month-to-month basis.

In preparation for October’s “Transport Month”, the Pedal Power Association ‘gave back’ to the community  when staff members of the Association, together with local Traffic Officers and friends of the PPA, spent a few hours on Wednesday 26 September to hand bicycle helmets and reflective  bicycle strips to commuters from the Retreat, Grassy Park and Lavender Hill areas.

With reference to the incident during a leagues-only event on 15 September during which a cyclist crossed the white line and rode into a stationary ThinkBike marshal in the middle of the right-hand lane, please note that the officials and marshals have been instructed that...

You should have your road seeded numbers soon: The road seeded numbers are being packed and they will be posted this week. The first event where the new road numbers will be used, is the PPA One Tonner on Sunday 14 October (have you entered...

Entries for the One Tonner over 153 km close at the end of this month (30 September), after which late entry fees apply. Late entries will be taken until 12h00 on Monday 8 October or when 1500 entries have been reached, whichever comes first. No entries can unfortunately be taken after 8 October.

Congratulations to the following PPA members who were elected to the PPA Executive Committee at the AGM on 20 September 2012, to serve for a period of two years: (in alphabetical order) Niel Cilliers, Ryan Dingley, Robin Hunt-Davis, Zaakier Jacobs, Riaan Meintjes and Shayne Ramsey. The remaining Exco members (who have one year left of their two-year service period), are (in alphabetical order): David Bellairs, Lance Burger, Gary Kruger and Steve Hayward.

Come join us at the Killarney Motor Racing track in Milnerton for an hour's cycle training in a car-free environment. Road, as well as mountain bikes are welcome.

Entries for the 2012 PPA Spring League, presented in conjunction with the Western Province Cycling Association, are now closed until after the first event has taken place. The running of the league will this season again be administered by the PPA, which assists us to keep costs as low as possible without compromising on the general league format.

PPA endorses safe cycling and recommends that all cyclists carry some form of identification when cycling, specifically when cycling on your own. PPA members are now offered the ICE ID emergency information band at a discounted price.