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Entries for the Western Cape’s second-biggest road cycling event, Die Burger Cycle Tour, closed yesterday having filled up ahead of the official closing date of 19 November 2012, reports the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust, organisers of the event.

The Pedal Power Association arranged a silent protest for deceased bicycle commuter Suviytlea Same who was killed on route to work last Wednesday in St James/Muizenberg.
[caption id="attachment_3268" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Cyclists came to suport the cause and show respect for our fallen comrade"][/caption]

The Pedal Power Association is extremely saddened that a cyclist was killed this morning on our local roads. The Cycle Tour was started 35 years ago as a protest ride to bring to the attention that very little was being done by the authorities for cyclists and in particular, their safety. So many years later and we are gradually seeing the number of incidents involving cyclists increasing, instead of decreasing due to drivers who still do not give cyclists the respect they deserve.

The Outriders Cycle Club of Table View and the Pedal Power Association are promoting a “cycle to work day” on Thursday 18 October, in support of National Transport month. On this day, cyclists who pedal to work along the West Coast cycle path are in for a surprise: We’ll have our gazebos up between 06h30 and 08h00 at the Woodbridge Island traffic light and will offer a FREE cup of coffee to commuters, walkers and roller bladers. What do you need to cycle to work? Firstly, you need to find a safe route: Check if there are any bicycle paths in your area, and use them where possible. You don’t have to duck the cars, and you can move swiftly ahead.