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Cycle training at Killarney

Cycle training at Killarney

The last training session of the year will take place on Tuesday 8 November 2o11 (the track is not available for the remainder of November). Training will then resume on Tuesday 10 January 2012.

How it works

PPA pays for the hiring of the track, as well as some medics to be onsite – “just in case”. Three experienced riders are asked to assist to lead the groups, with a slower, medium and faster group being on the track at the same time. The group leaders slowly take the pace up, or announce regular interval sessions. Slower riders are requested to keep left at all times, with faster riders passing on the right. You can ride either a road, or mountain bike. No helmet, no training ride.

Registration and costs

Registration starts at 17h30 in the pits area, with the session commencing at 18h00 (cyclists are not allowed on the track before 18h00). The session will last until 19h00 or may end a bit earlier if there is insufficient light due to e.g. cloud cover.

Entry fees are R15.00 per PPA member, R30.00 per non-member and R5.00 for children u/12, riding with a parent at all times.


Parking is in the pits area. While there are constantly people around the parking area, we advise riders to not leave any valuables in vehicles. When entering the pits area underneath the subway, please give way to motor-racing vehicle exiting the pits area. The racing vehicles are difficult to reverse and have limited visibility out of the back – they have right of way.