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Judgment handed down in PPA/CSA court case

Judgment handed down in PPA/CSA court case

Friday 14 February 2014: Judgment was handed down this morning in the matter between the Pedal Power Association and Cycling South Africa in the High Court of South Africa, as follows:  Acting Judge KM Savage ordered that the applicant, the Pedal Power Association, does not require the prior sanction or approval of the first respondent, Cycling South Africa, or members of the first respondent, in respect of cycling events organised by the applicant, including fun rides or league rides.  (…more)

The first respondent, its officials or members, are interdicted and prevented from representing to any person or body, including commercial sponsors, local authorities, national, provincial or local traffic and policing authorities, or cyclists, that PPA requires such prior sanction, or that such sanction is a prerequisite for any other necessary permission or approval granted by national, provincial or local authorities.

The respondent was further ordered to pay the applicant’s costs, including the costs of two councel.

Click here to read the full judgment.