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Join us at Killarney

Join us at Killarney

Join us this Sunday 23 April at the Killarney race track for a training session from 08h30-09h45 and/or 10h00-11h30. For the small fee of R20 for adults and R10 for kids younger than 12, the track will be available to you. You are welcome to do either one, or both of the sessions.

If you want to join the riders on the track outside the two starting times (08h30 and 10h00), you are welcome to do so – please watch out for approaching riders and keep left at all times.

The Killarney restaurant will be open on Sunday for breakfast, coffee and light meals.


PPA Killarney Training


Sunday 23 April 2017


3.27 km laps – as many as you can/want to do!


From 07h30

Starting times

08h30 & 10h00

Last lap starts



Killarney Motor Racing complex, Milnerton


Rozanne Dreyer (021) 671-6340 /

Cost for training session on 23 April

Adults: R20;  Kids u/12: R10. Enter this informal training session on the day, at registration

PS: This Sunday’s session is a great training opportunity for next Sunday’s 12 Hours at Killarney, when we challenge you to find out how many laps you can do in 12 hours. You can enter the 12-hour challenge as an individual rider, in a pair or in a team of 4. The 12 Hours at Killarney Challenge will start at 08h00 on Sunday , which means the last few laps will be done in the dark for which you’ll need  good working lights on your bicycle (and extra batteries, just in case).

Your medal for the 12-Hour Challenge will be linked to the number of laps completed, with between 25-39 laps needed for a bronze medal. Forty laps completed will get you a silver medal, while the 10 riders who have completed the most laps, will receive gold medals.

The Killarney restaurant will be open so that you can ‘refuel’ during the day.


  • Riders must complete as many laps possible in 12 hours.
  • Riders can enter solo (individual), in pairs, or in teams of 4.
  • Only one rider per team will be allowed on the track at a time.
  • The event starts at 08h00 and the last lap must end after cut-off at 20h00.
  • Ages 16 and older only


Pre-entries only especially for teams and pairs, closing on Friday 28 April 2017 at 09h00.Late entries will be taken at the event for individual riders only.

There will be a water station at the rotation/team change-over point offering powerade and water. There is a Restaurant available at the venue.

Medals will be performance-based; 25-39 laps (Bronze), 40 laps and up (Silver) and the top 10 (i.e. the 10 people who have completed the most laps) will receive a gold medal.

While some lights around the pits area will be switched on between 18h00 and 20h00, participants must please bring their own bicycle lights for this part of the ride.

No helmet, no ride. No transponder, no time. Medals will be given to riders that complete the event within the set-out criteria as detailed above.

 12 HOURS AT KILLARNEY (30 April 2017)

Pre Entries (Solo)

Pre-Entries (Pairs of 2)

Pre-Entries (Teams of 4)

Entry Fee

PPA members’ discount

Normal Pair

PPA Pair discount (2 x PPA members)

Normal Team

PPA team discount (4 x PPA members)

R 375

R 250



R1 200



  • CLICK HERE to enter the 12 Hours at Killarney Challenge as a SOLO rider
  • CLICK HERE to enter the 12 Hours at Killarney Challenge as a PAIR
  • CLICK HERE to enter the 12 Hours at Killarney Challenge as a TEAM of 4