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Funride numbers and (re)seeding

Funride numbers and (re)seeding

Are you ready for the funride season? Do come and visit us  at the PPA Office to collect a road funride number (or MTB bike board)  if you have not yet done an event since the new funride season started in July last year and are planning on doing one of the PPA events in the next few months, or if you have done a few events and now qualify for a higher number and wish to reseed.

You can collect your seeded number from the PPA admin staff at the PPA Office OR at the first event that you participate in if you cannot make it to the Office, although we’d recommend that you rather come to the Office during the week so that there’s one less queue to stand in on the morning of the event!

I have not received a funride number – where do I get it?

Funride numbers (road and/or MTB bike boards) are available on request for collection either from the PPA Office, or from the first event that you participate in. Why are funride numbers no longer posted? We have simply had so much problems with numbers going missing in the Post, that it was discussed at an AGM that numbers will in future rather be collected in person from either the Office, or an Event. At the Office, you can collect a number on behalf of another member, provided you bring us a printed letter or email from the other member authorising you to do so on his/her behalf.

The first funride number (and/or bike board) of the season is FREE; thereafter you pay for reseedings/upgrades. Seeded funride numbers are available only to PPA members, with PPA members starting ahead of non-members. Members are seeded according to ability so that cyclists of a similar strength can start together.

How does reseeding work?

Every year, your first funride number is free. You can ride with this number and start in this seeded group for the rest of the funride/membership year (1 July to 30 June). However, if you have had a few good results and see on the seeding eligibility page that you qualify for a higher number, the decision is yours as to whether or not to keep your current number, or upgrade to the new seeded category.

For instance, say your current number is an “S”. You’ve done a few events, had good results, and if you now look at your seeding eligibility, you see that you are eligible for an “R”, i.e. one group up. The choice is now yours as to whether you want to pay the admin fee and exchange your “S” number for a “R” number, or do a few more events with your “S” number until you qualify for a number which is another group or two higher than “R”, given that groups often start together. While your first number of the year is free, a R50 admin fee is payable every time thereafter that you decide to upgrade to a new number.

Please remember that your old number must be returned before a new number can be issued to you.

If the queues are not too long on the day, we can also assist with reseedings at event, provided there are no queries linked to your upgrade. You must return your old number and pay the admin fee of R50 before a new number can be allocated to you. Please DO NOT give your old number to a friend to ride with – your funride number is linked to your profile and emergency contact details on the database.

Our Office hours and details are as follows:

  • 08h30-16h30, Mondays to Fridays
  • Visit us at 9 Hill Park Lane, Mowbray
  • Phone us:  (021) 689-8420
  • Email: Membership queries: General queries:
  • At events, PPA Admin staff are available for membership and other PPA queries from one hour prior to the start of the event, until the start of prize-giving