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Exclusive PPA “Early Bird” ballot application opportunity for 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour

Exclusive PPA “Early Bird” ballot application opportunity for 2016 Cape Town Cycle Tour

Pedal Power Association (PPA) – co-founders of the iconic Cape Town Cycle Tour – is offering paid-up members an opportunity to register their interest for an entry to the 2016 Cycle Tour. Prior to the general public ballot, paid-up PPA members stand a chance to be allocated an entry in a separate “PPA Ballot” to participate in the Cape Town Cycle Tour on Sunday 06 March 2016.


This decision follows the Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust’s recent announcement of a new, ballot-style entry process for the 2016 event. In line with international standards, it will take the form of an online ballot system to eliminate the quick sell-out of entries and ensure an equitable process for all prospective riders.

How it works:


  • Paid-up PPA members can access the PPA-only ballot application link from 17 August at 13h00 until 28 August at 13h00 to register their interest (free of charge) for a Cycle Tour entry.  (This link is currently being tested and will be announced closer to the time.) The entries will be awarded at random to paid-up PPA members, regardless of whether your interest is registered on the first or the last day of the registration period.  Click here now to join PPA/renew your PPA membership.
  • Successful applicants will be notified by 04 September at 13h00 and will have until 25 September at 13h00 to pay for and so secure their entry.  Entries for PPA members will cost R440 per rider. If payment is not made during this period, or if the entry is later declined by the successful applicant, that entry will then be made available to another PPA (previously unsuccessful) applicant.
  • If there are PPA members who are unsuccessful during the initial PPA ballot, they will be added to the general public ballot which starts on 09 September at 13h00 and ends on 28 September at 13h00.


For regular event and entry details, as well as information on other PPA events, like our Facebook page ( and follow @PedalPowerPPA on Twitter.


To renew or pay for your current PPA membership, or to sign-up as a new PPA member, click here now. If you have any queries, email us on  or call (021) 671-6340 / 4079.