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Exciting new changes for Spring league 2013

Exciting new changes for Spring league 2013

Spring is only a few months away and the good news is that we are proposing some exciting changes for the season ahead. In recent months, several riders have asked us to consider seeded category racing instead of age category racing. Your wish is our command… but what does seeded category racing mean?

In seeded-category racing, all cyclists of similar ability will race together in one start group, irrespective of age i.e. whether you are an elite, sub-vet, vet, master or grandmaster. The exception is u/16 riders, who’ll ride in their own category irrespective of seeding.

The proposed categories are:

  • Cat one: PPA A & B seeding
  • Cat two: PPA C & D seeding
  • Cat three: All u/16s

Prize money will be payable only in Cat 1.

Female cyclists can enter whichever category they qualify for, but the prize money for female riders will be paid where the bulk of the ladies are racing, with at least four female cyclists needed for prize money to be paid. If an equal number (greater than 4) of female riders race in both Cat 1 and Cat 2, then the prize money will be paid in Cat 1.

All league riders will be expected to hold valid CSA licenses. Riders in the u/16 category simply must be paid-up CSA members (no racing licenses needed).

There will be a pre-league qualifying hill climb before the first league event for riders who want to try to improve their seeding in order to enter the league.

As far as events are concerned, we are trying to incorporate as many events as possible into the league, and are at this stage talking to the organisers of: Tour de Worcester, Cyclelab Cape Cobra, Orange Anvil Nelson’s Creek, West Coast Express, PPA One Tonner, and Durbanville High. There is a further possibility that Die Burger may become a league event – we are talking to the organisers in this regard. Note that the u/16’s will race only where events have applicable distances, eg they will not ride the One Tonner.

While racing will take place during the season in the above-mentioned seeded categories, the age categories (elite, junior, sub-vet, vet, master) will be recognised at the end of the season.

As in the past, cyclists will have to specifically enter the league and obtain a league series number in order to start in either Cat 1, Cat 2 or u/16. For the Spring season, cyclists (who qualify on seeding) will be able to enter individual league events at an additional admin charge – in other words it will no longer be necessary to enter only the series as a whole. This will make it easier for visiting riders to participate in our league events. As in the past, riders must enter the league prior to the event.

Points will be allocated as in past seasons; the rider with the most points will top the leaderboard.

There will be a team competition with medals awarded at the end of the season. Team members must all ride in the same category. If a team has a potential member who just misses the seeding cut-off – do get him to ride the Hill climb to see if he can qualify for an upgrade!

A King of the Mountain competition will be introduced to Cat 1 at selected events, with a polkadot jersey awarded to the winner of each event. A winner’s jersey will be awarded to the points leader in Cat 1 after each event.

Service vehicles will be allowed for teams registered for Category 1, provided the vehicle is driven by a team manager holding a valid CSA team manager’s license. As in the past, there will be a limit on the number of service vehicles allowed, with the top 6 teams being allowed a vehicle.

The proposed new racing structure will be discussed at the Summer 2013 leagues prize giving on Tuesday 12 May 2013, River Club, Observatory. We would love you to attend the prize giving and would appreciate your comments and constructive suggestions regarding the new leagues structure. For catering purposes and to ensure we have a big enough venue, please RSVP to no later than 14h00 on Friday 10 May 2013.

Here’s to an action-packed Spring racing season!