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Emergency ID special for PPA members

Emergency ID special for PPA members

PPA members can now buy the ICE-ID emergency contact bands at a special discounted rate for PPA members. ICE-ID contain 6 lines of vital details like name, surname, blood type, next of kin, allergies and medical aid.


If you had to ask someone: “What would you change about the day you had your accident,” maybe they would say…

“If I had proper ID on my person then the paramedic would have…
* Seen it and not had to look in my saddle bag which wasted valuable time, or tried to look on my cell phone before realising it had been damaged in the fall;
* Known my name so he could call my husband/wife/partner to tell them within minutes of finding me that I had a fall and needed them by my side;
* Known I was blood o negative so he could tell the hospital in advance, saving time when every second counts;
* Knew I was allergic to penicillin so not to put me on a drip with any in it;
* He also would have known I had private medical aid or a hospital plan, so to take me to a private hospital where I would be given the best care immediately instead of a government hospital waiting room.”

PPA members can now buy these attractive wrist bands for R120 (normal price R179).

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