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Do you qualify for Club 2000?

Do you qualify for Club 2000?

The Club 2000 and  Club 3000 initiatives were started many years ago to recognize those PPA members who take part in the majority of our PPA events and pedal respectively 2000 or 3000 km in a funride year (July to June).

So, every year, we calculate the total distances that members pedal, as logged by their transponders (with a +- 10km allowance either side). Only results from events on the PPA calendar are taken.

For the 2010/2011 funride year, if you did the long route of every road and MTB event on the PPA calendar, including the One Tonner and Double Century, you would rack up some 3500 km in the year.

This year, only 6 cyclists reached Club 2000 status. PPA wishes to congratulate Lee Olivier who completed 2306.3 km, Bruce MacDonald – 2129 km, Dade Ralph – 2076.3 km, Rob Cragg – 2074 km, Greeff Moolman – 1996 km and Steven Hayes who completed 1989 km at PPA Funrides. These cyclists were recognised and presented with Club 2000 certificate’s at the PPA Annual General Meeting held earlier this year.

Since Club 2000/3000 was started, 258 PPA members have received this prestigious award, with 92 individuals completing it more than once.

Incidentally, Club 10,000 is an even more prestigious award, based on achieving Club 2000 status, five years in a row.  Only 13 members in total have ever achieved this great honor.

So, take up the challenge and see if you can reach Club 2000 status by next year at the end of June!