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A national Pedal Power Association safe cycling initiative, #CyclistsLivesMatter, will focus on the lack of prosecution of offenders responsible for fatal and serious crashes and attacks on our roads. The launch will be on Saturday 5 March at 9h00 at Valverde Eco Hotel in the Cradle of Humankind.

The PPA has supported cyclists for over 40 years and as one of South Africa’s largest cycling organisations, we uphold the rights of cyclists and a vision of a “Cycling South Africa”, where the safety and security of cyclists in all communities are ensured.

The PPA together with Cycle Lab and other cycling clubs across Gauteng, will pay their respects to the family of the late André Piehl. We are asking all cyclists to take a selfie in front of a #CyclistsLivesMatter media wall, after doing their cycle loop and post it, using the hashtag, #CyclistsLivesMatter. Dignitaries from national government as well as prominent role players and members of the media, have been invited to discuss concerns and providing recommendations to improve the safety of cyclists in South Africa and address the lack of prosecution of offenders in related cycling cases. “We are inviting all cyclists to participate to show their support for the campaign,” says Steve Hayward, chairman of the PPA.

“We have during the past few years noticed a growing intolerance between motorists and cyclists coupled with an increasing trend of lawlessness amongst road users, which threatens the safety of cyclists across South Africa, says Hayward. “Cyclists are taxpayers, contributing members of the community and family members, so each serious injury or death is an unnecessary one, which we believe can be avoided. We also want to see the successful prosecution of drivers responsible for fatal and serious crashes throughout South Africa. We also call on all cyclists to continue to respect the law and abide by the relevant legislation.

Cyclists’ lives do matter,” says Hayward.

The #CyclistsLivesMatter campaign will be extended to other major cycling events and wherever we host rides in South Africa. Cycle Lab co- owner Andrew McLean confirmed that #CyclistsLivesMatter media walls will be placed in their five stores countrywide. Cyclists participating in the 2022 Cape Town Cycle Tour, will be able to take a #CyclistsLivesMatter selfie to support the campaign, at registration and finish of this iconic event. The PPA will also host an opportunity for cyclists to take selfies on Chapman’s Peak Drive, the Saturday prior to the CTCT, from 7h00 to 9h00.