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Cyclist’s death: Sentencing delayed

Cyclist’s death: Sentencing delayed

The Cape Times reported today that an inadequate correctional supervision report delayed sentencing on Wednesday of a man who caused the death of a cyclist more than five years ago.

Andries Zuiderma, 28, was to be sentenced in the Wynberg Regional Court, Cape Town, on Wednesday on charges of culpable homicide and reckless driving.

His hearing, before magistrate Karel Meyer, is a sequel to an incident in March 2006, when Zuiderma’s Colt bakkie ploughed into a group of early-morning cyclists, killing Jan-Hendrik Olivier, 39.

At Wednesday’s proceedings, defence attorney William Booth said he had only just received a correctional supervision report he should have had weeks ago.

Booth hopes to secure a sentence of correctional supervision, involving house arrest and community service, rather than a jail sentence. Had he received the report two or three days ago, he could have discussed his concerns about it with the correctional supervision officer, and the case could have been finalised on Wednesday, with no need for a postponement, he told the court.

Prosecutor Bantu Nyembezi told the court he was surprised the report had only become available on Wednesday. He said the case could have been finalised on Wednesday, had there been “better communication” from the correctional supervision official.

The matter was postponed to July 6.