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Chapman’s Peak to remain partially open for cyclists

Chapman’s Peak to remain partially open for cyclists

The Pedal Power Association is committed to promote cycling and the interests of cyclists in South Africa. Through the Safe Cycling campaign, PPA aims to create an environment conducive to the safety of all cyclists on the road.

The MEC for Transport, Donald Grant, consulted earlier this week with the PPA Safe Cycling sub-committee after Chapman’s Peak Drive was closed following the extensive fires last week, with fears for the safety of the ‘vulnerable’ road users such as cyclists, pedestrians and runners from possible rock falls in this very unstable area.

The fires caused extensive damage to the mountain side on the sections to the south of the look-out.  The Hout Bay side is less damaged and there is no increased safety risk.

It was initially proposed that the entire Chapman’s Peak remains closed to cyclists until full rehabilitation has taken place.

After consultation, it was agreed that only the southern side of Chapman’s Peak drive (from Noordhoek to the look-out point) will be closed to cyclists. Cyclists will therefore be able to cycle from Hout Bay to the look-out point and back, but will not be able to cycle all the way to Noordhoek until the pass is deemed safe again.

New Jersey barriers are being deployed in risk areas, particularly on the Noordhoek side, resulting in reduction of road width. “We appeal to all cyclists to heed the dangers that the southern side of Chapman’s Peak poses and to assist the authorities to keep the northern section open for cycling,” said PPA Chairman Steve Hayward.

The PPA ‘Stay Wider of the Rider’ campaign which was launched two weeks ago, urges cyclists to support safe cycling by obeying the rules of the road whilst motorists are asked to give cyclists a wide berth when passing them.

“Cyclists are now given the opportunity to prove that they too can obey the rules of the road by accepting the temporary closure of the southern side of Chapman’s Peak Drive. Become responsible cyclists, spread the word amongst other cyclists to obey the rules of the road and please do not cycle on this stretch of road which can potentially be fatal,” Hayward said.

* Following last week’s fires, Tokai is currently closed for mountain biking – please check the Sanparks website for updates. We are in discussions with them and will advise when we get updates.

Jonkershoek is also currently closed until further notice. The fire is burning high in the mountains at the moment and is not under control yet. Cape Nature and Cape Pine can be contacted for more info.