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Chairman’s Report 2019

The Pedal Power Association exists to benefit cyclists and the cycling community at large. For over 41 years, PPA has been organising cycling events, lobbying for the rights of cyclists, and helping get more people onto bicycles. We have remained constant in our efforts – despite a turbulent environment. Whilst legislation, congestion, intolerance levels, and cycling technology has moved at a rapid pace around us, PPA has always held onto the belief that cyclists have a right to be here and enjoy the spaces around our beautiful country. And you, the members, have our word that this principle will not change at PPA.


We have new events on the horizon and have made impressive inroads with our #Bike4all development programme. Safe Cycling remains a constant program and we invest heavily in making all road users aware that cyclists – from commuting to recreational – also share that limited space.


The PPA office continues to deliver above its capacity. The events basket continues to grow and PPA event initiatives such as the Maluti Double 90 and the Cyclosportif Series gain more traction within the cycling community. The PPA will always continue to be an advocate for cyclists rights – whether they are school kids commuting on #Bike4all bicycles, or elite amateur riders, trying their best to improve their times. Cycling is able to unite communities and bring people from different backgrounds closer together. Because being on a bicycle beats any day at the office. It frees the body and mind. And PPA plans to be your partner each pedal stroke you take.


Rens Rezelman