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From the CEO’s desk (end-Jan 2018)

From the CEO’s desk (end-Jan 2018)

With Day Zero on everyone’s mind in Cape Town right now, we are looking at how PPA responds to the water crisis as an event organiser. Nobody really knows what daily reality will look like after 12 April. Our events are small, compared to the Cape Town Cycle Tour or the Two Oceans Marathon, but we do have an impact in terms of “non-essential” water consumption.

We are taking our lead from the Cycle Tour and are looking at alternative water sources. We may consider scaling our events down to suit the amount of water we can access. We may have to put some events on hold, if the City asks this of us and other event organisers.

Reducing our water consumption to 50 liters/person/day may just allow us all to avoid Day Zero, but going forward, reducing one’s water footprint will be as critical as a lower carbon footprint.

Last year’s PPA survey provided us with some interesting insights.

43% of respondents, when asked what PPA should focus on, wanted more road cycling events. In 2017 we added 5 Cyclosportifs to the calendar and this year we’re increasing the series to 6 events. Unless our road events start bursting at the seams with riders, I don’t see an immediate need for more new road events. If there is an increased demand, we will respond to it accordingly.

58% of respondents to the same question want more safety campaigns and 41% want us to do more advocacy work. We are definitely going to focus on increasing campaign visibility in Gauteng and nationally and we will assist with local activations where we can. Local activism will help increase the Safe Cycling footprint.

Advocacy is also a focus area this year, with the City of Cape Town having recognised the need to start bringing the Cycling Strategy to life. While the water crisis is the current key focus area for officials, we have begun engaging with the City around the Strategy.

Here are a few more interesting survey results:

83% of respondents said they cycle to keep fit
44% say they cycle to participate in events

90% of respondents cycle on the road
67% say they ride MTB

40% are members of a registered club
29% are CSA members
50% belong to a What’sApp group

50% of non-member respondents would join PPA if we had an office in their province

26% of respondents participate in 4-5 events annually
23% participate in 6-10 events annually

61% participate to get fit
45% participate to improve their Cycle Tour seeding
47% participate because of the specific event route
23% participate so they don’t have to ride on their own
16% participate because the event is close to home

80% prefer to enter an event online
12% want to enter through an App

57% don’t ride competitively
35% “race” fun rides

67% of respondents think PPA’s event fees are market-related
81% say our events offer value for money
70% would like to see a family entry fee

44,94% do expect a medal at an event
45,3% don’t expect a medal at an event

85% of respondents reside in the WC
7% of respondents reside in Gauteng

80% of respondents were Male

Apart from the usual outliers, respondents are generally happy with the work that PPA does and I am grateful to the 600 respondents for taking time to complete the questionnaire. One comment I will take to heart this year: “Shorter CEO Letters!”

Warm regards