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How does the Cape Town water crisis affect our events?

How does the Cape Town water crisis affect our events?

No municipal water will be used at any of the PPA events; instead water for our events will be sourced from an alternative certified water source outside of Cape Town. This project has been in the works and event planning since January 2018.

The purified water will be distributed to all water points via plastic jerry cans and will be handed out in half filled 175 ml water cups.

We will be collecting water from our supplier with a big 1 000 litre water container and distribute it from there into 25 liter plastic jerry cans that will go to the different water points.

All water will be reused after events, which might bring down the amount we will need for the event thereafter. No water will be wasted during or after our events. The left-over water will be stored in a cool dark room at our logistics office to extend the shelf life.

There will also be no showers or bike washes permitted at any of the PPA events. The riders will not be allowed to rinse their faces at any of the water points or at the finish with our drinking water. Limited ice will be available – we’ll try our best to keep the Coke cool, though.

All chemical toilets brought to the various event sites will use only certified recycled water. Sanitec is our preferred toilet supplier for all our events. We will not allow cyclists to use any municipal toilets.

We have developed a comprehensive action plan and are implementing a range of water-saving and alternative water-sourcing initiatives that will restrict usage of our most scarce and endangered resource. Let’s work together to save water!