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Bicycles, spare parts, tubes needed

Bicycles, spare parts, tubes needed

Some development riders who have been granted entries to the 2011 Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour own very old bicycles. Most of these riders cannot afford to upgrade, or even repair their bicycles.

If you have an unused bicycle in good working condition, inner tubes that have perhaps been patched once or twice but can still be used, tyres for road or mountain bikes, cycling shoes and cleats, or other spare bicycle parts in working order, please consider donating it to the PPA so that we can, in turn, pass it along to a worthy recipient.  Please note that these riders cannot afford to have bicycles repaired, but if you have a bicycle that can be stripped for spare parts, that’s welcome too…

Bicycles and kit can be dropped off at the PPA Office in Mowbray during office hours – unfortunately we cannot transport bicycles from events, nor collect.

If you do not have a bicycle or spare parts to donate but can make a financial contribution to a development cyclist or club, kindly contact Jannis at the PPA Office and we’ll assist you in this regard.