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Age category racing is back for the 2016-2017 league

Age category racing is back for the 2016-2017 league

The leagues are back! Join us for some solid racing over six events in 2016-2017 PPA League Series, starting with the 2016 West Coast Express and finishing with the 2017 Tour de PPA. The racing format goes back to age category racing, catering for elites & u/23, sub-vets, vets, masters, women, junior and senior scholars and girls. The league events have been sanctioned by CSA.

In order to participate in the league, a cyclist must be a paid-up PPA member (day membership is available for visiting riders), and be in possession of a valid CSA membership or racing license. In addition, the PPA seeding requirements for each league category must be met. Please see the league rules (section 4.3) for more information

Elites, u/23 and junior men will ride together where applicable, while the racing women will ride with the masters. The scholars will ride the applicable distances as per CSA rules and will therefore only ride four of the events – please see the league rules (section 4) for more information.

  • CLICK HERE to enter the league series now. League entries for cyclists wishing to participate in the West Coast Express league have been extended until 14h00 on Wednesday 12 October, whereafter cyclists can only join the league again on Monday 17 October.
  • CLICK HERE to download the league rules

Prize money will be offered at all the events

INDIVIDUAL PRIZE MONEY (per event x 6 events)

EL & u/23 R400/ R300/ R200

Junior men R300 / R150 / R100

Sub-vets R300/ R200/ R150

Vets  R300/ R200/ R150

Racing ladies R250/ R150/ R100

Masters R250/ R150/ R100

Senior scholars, junior scholars and girls  – no prize money as per CSA rules

An additional R31 000 prize money will be offered at the Enjoy One Tonner, being a PPA flagship event.  

There will also be an end-of-season prize giving, with additional prize money.

How it works:

An admin fee is payable to join the league and receive a special league number. If you’d like to participate in the first league event of the series, please ensure that you have entered the league series by 12 October. Once you have entered the league series, please enter the individual funride.

Please note that you cannot enter the league series at an event – the necessary paperwork needs to be completed beforehand. 

The events are:

Sunday 16 Oct 2016

West Coast Express Cycle Tour

Sunday 23 Oct 2016

PPA One Tonner

Saturday 29 Oct 2016

CWC Durbie Dash

Sunday 29 Jan 2017


Sunday 12 Feb 2017

Journey for Sight Cycle Tour

Sunday 26 Feb 2017

Tour de PPA


Leagues number collection will take place on Thursday 13 October from 12h00-17h00 at the Sportsmans Warehouse, Rondebosch, in conjunction with the pre-registration for the West Coast Express. For more information, please email