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The following PPA members were elected to serve for two years in 2020 and still have one year to serve: John Gale, Ghaliema Harris, Abbas Harris, Henri van der Merwe and Frank van Asperen.


In terms of clause 4.2.1 of the Constitution, (up to) seven new committee members need to be elected at this year’s AGM, to serve for a period of two years from his/her election. The following ten nominations have been received for the PPA 2021-2023 Executive Committee, all being paid-up members of PPA.


The Executive Committee reserves the right to co-opt one more committee member for a period of one year.



Roy Hannington


John Gale

2 Andrew Wheeldon 1809 Abbas Harris
3 Robert Vogel 170477 Niël Cilliers
4 Niël Cilliers 340458 Melanie Vogel
5 Madele van Heerden 290127 Mario da Silva
6 David Bellairs 16699 David Clarke
7 Ian Mills  314632

Tim Mosdell

8 Gordon Laing 29206 John Gale
9 Steve Hayward 47950 David Bellairs
10 Sindile Mavundla 789647 Robert Vogel




Roy Hannington

“I would like to focus on driving the direction of the organization over the next few years, how does PPA as an organization stay relevant? Many people still don’t understand what exactly PPA does, we need our members and non-members to understand the role PPA plays in recreation & sport cycling in South Africa. The incredible work that PPA does in the various communities needs more media attention to potentially bring bigger corporates on board to team up with PPA on new projects. I look forward to helping PPA achieve the various strategic goals over the next year, and believe the decisions made by the executive committee will be paramount to the organization’s sustainability.”


Andrew Wheeldon

“I would welcome the opportunity to serve the interests of PPA once again, assisting through the difficult times presented by COVID-19 and the economic challenges we face in today’s world. I see this as an opportunity, however, as a time in which we can grow cycling as a form of mobility and social function once more, highlighting both the individuality and safety of bicycle travel as well as a profoundly democratic and egalitarian form of mobility that is safe, convenient, healthy and good for the environment. It is from this foundation of thinking that PPA can significantly grow its base and its reach to South Africans of all backgrounds.”


Robert Vogel

“I would like to focus on cycling advocacy and creating mechanisms to make bicycle mobility a cost-effective and viable option for anyone that wants to use a bicycle as their mode of transport. I believe the PPA should play a leading role in encouraging a culture of cycling in the country and the PPA should encourage decision-makers at the political level to take bicycle mobility seriously and move forward with firm commitments to get more people on bicycles.


We need to look at what PPA events look like, post-Covid and make sure we have a portfolio of events that are desirable to enter, and sustainable at the same time. Events should also be spread across the country and not all be held in the Cape. We want to be relevant to all cyclists across the country.


Our Safe Cycling campaigns need to reach all corners of the country and we need to encourage a behaviour shift among all road users and get politicians to support road safety through the promulgation of cycling-friendly legislation.

I want to assist the PPA team with growing the Bike4All programme that has been so successful over the last years and provided bicycles to so many less-privileged children and adults. I would like to help spread the joy of cycling through this programme.

I want to offer my experience as a CEO of the PPA from 2015 to 2019 to the management team and provide constructive and meaningful input where it is appropriate. I want to ensure that the Executive Committee enables & supports the PPA management team and that the committee is proactive and committed to making the right decisions without unnecessary delays. I understand my fiduciary duties as a committee member and that my role is one of oversight and to always provide accountability and credibility”


Niël Cilliers

“I am a passionate cyclist across various disciplines, and I want to contribute to the advancement of cycling in the Western Cape and nationally. I am a Chartered Account (CA)SA with more than 23 years of experience across various commercial disciplines. I previously served on the PPA Executive Committee where I fulfilled the role of treasurer (2013 -2015). Looking, to contribute to the cycling community at large and apply my skills and experience where the PPA can best use it. Overall, will be looking at forwarding the PPA agenda to make cycling more accessible to all on various fronts from commuting to more serious cycling formats.”


Madele van Heerden

“Being a CA(SA) ensuring structure, governance and prioritize focus points of the Association and overseeing the finances, especially in this very tough economic climate and bringing a fresh outlook. With little races happening – focus on promoting commuting in South Africa, ensuring it is safe and comfortable for cyclists to commute. Working together with establishments – government, municipalities, SAPS and others to create this safe and comfortable and easily accessible environment. Organizing and scheduling “busses” for especially women to ride together from various official pick-up points. A bigger focus would be to get cyclists incentivized for commuting – looking at the rest of the world, the UK has specific tax relief structures in place. Workplace awareness and incentives – starting with the bigger corporate companies and hoping the rest will join in. Bigger hype about World Bicycle Day. Focus on promoting cycling amongst the average working women (not necessary the pro’s). Creating an environment where women can feel safe and comfortable and creating a community of women’s cyclists. Ensuring necessary facilities to cater for women’s needs at events are also important.”


David Bellairs

“Promotion of cycling across all forms of the cycling spectrum. More specifically using the Cape Town Cycle Tour to assist in promoting the joy if cycling to a broader audience. Ensuring the Cycle Tour is used to create income for PPA to pursue in non-motorised strategy.”

Ian Mills
“The world under Covid-19 has changed dramatically, and ironically the change has been to the betterment and increased adoption of cycling as a viable and sustainable form of commuting, transport and socializing. To this, I would like to focus on the advocacy of cycling, and all its ancillary services, in all its shapes and forms, to build better, stronger and more resilient communities. I believe my broad experience and ability to connect on many varied social levels – from government departments to community-based mechanics – will allow for great experience and direction on the PPA Executive Committee.”
Gordon Laing
“I would like to use my sustainable transport (which includes cycling) and strategic planning expertise to contribute to the goals and direction of PPA. My understanding of and passion for the local cycling environment will bring a bigger perspective of the environment the PPA is functioning in, such as sustainability, development, strategic interpretation etc. This understanding will contribute to the PPA decision-making process, the identification of focus areas, and overall bring a greater understanding of which areas the growth of everyday cycling can be supported. I also see cycling as one of the strong contributors to growing social equity and building social cohesion and would look to continue help strengthen PPA’s role in this space.”
Steve Hayward
“Reading the chairman’s 2021 AGM report it is apparent that there are exciting times ahead for the PPA. I consider that with my past experience and passion I would be able to continue using my knowledge to stimulate the executive committee to fulfil the terms of our constitution in being a representative body for the furtherance of the interests of all forms of cycling.”
Sindile Mavundla

“Having worked with PPA in getting more than 500 people on bicycles when COVID-19 hit South Africa I still believe that our work continues to do even more. This next term I will focus on 1. Encouraging Commuter cycling (in Gov, Private sector and communities) 2. Establishing and supporting smaller bicycle mechanics and providing training 3. Lobbying Government in building suitable bicycle infrastructure.”