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2017 Cycle Tour: Good news for PPA members

2017 Cycle Tour: Good news for PPA members

Entries for the 2017 Cape Town Cycle Tour will open late-August this year and follow a similar process as last year. The selection of applications to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour will be done by ballot, offering everyone a fair chance to secure an entry.
However, as founders of this iconic international event, PPA is ensuring that the best interests of paid-up members are considered in this process.

To this end, all PPA members who are paid-up as on 15 August 2016 will be offered the chance to secure an entry on opening day. You will be notified of your successful entry within 24 hours.

We therefore encourage you to ensure that your PPA membership status is current / renewed before 15 August.

FAQ: Can I still renew my PPA subs when I enter the CTCT?
A: Yes, but you will not be included in the first invitation to apply for an entry. If you wish to be offered the chance to secure an entry on opening day, you must already be a paid-up PPA member by 15 August.

FAQ: By when must my PPA membership be paid-up in order to be included in this special invitation to apply?
A: 15 August.

FAQ: Where do I join PPA or renew my membership?
A: The easiest is to do it online. CLICK HERE to renew now. You are also most welcome to visit us in person at Block U, Greenford Office Estate, Punter’s Way, Kenilworth on weekdays between 08h30 and 16h30.
FAQ: Will this invitation to apply to enter the Cycle Tour be extended to all PPA members, nation-wide?
A: Yes. Upcountry membership (at only R170 per year) entitles you to all the PPA member benefits.

FAQ: What happens if I don’t get my email notification within 24 hours?
A: Please contact the PPA Office at immediately and we’ll follow up for you. Please update your membership details to ensure that your correct, current email details are captured on the database. Also please add emails from the Pedal Power Association to your ‘safe senders’ list.

FAQ: Must I pay for my Cape Town Cycle Tour entry when I apply?
A: No, you apply first. You will only be requested to pay at a later stage.