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2017 AGM Minutes



Wednesday 13 September 2017


Belmont Square Conference Centre, Belmont Road, Rondebosch


Rens Rezelman welcomed everyone present and opened the meeting.


It was established that a quorum was present (50 members)


PRESENT: PPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Rens Rezelman, Steve Hayward, John Gale, Roy Hannington, Gordon Laing, Galiema Harris, Rodney Beck, Kirsten Wilkins


APOLOGIES: Received from Bev Smith, Sharon Potgieter, Bernie Eijdenberg, Abbas Harris, Glyn Jeenes, Louis de Waal, Greer Blizzard, Richard Gordge, Bernard de Witt, Sharief Peters, Gavin Wood, David Bellairs, Mark Sanvido.


The 2016 AGM minutes were adopted at an Executive Committee meeting on 17 October 2016.


Proposed: Gordon Laing


Seconded: Abbas Harris


The adoption was ratified by the meeting.


Proposed: Tim Mosdell

Seconded: Roy Andrew.


1. The PPA audio visual was played to the meeting

2. Robert Vogel presented his CEO’s report to the meeting, as per the AGM book and as contained on the PPA website.


Q: Graham Oliver asked about muggings of cyclists and whether PPA is engaging with the Police.


A: Robert said that PPA is a member of the Cape Town Safety Forum and that we are actively involved and have a good relationship with the Police.


Rens added that the Mast in Tokai at one point became a ‘hot spot’ for muggings and that PPA worked with a private security company to secure the area for cyclists until the muggings stopped.


Q: Roy Andrew asked what the relationship is between PPA, BEN and Qhubeka related to the Bike4All Project.


A: Robert explained that PPA and BEN (Bicycling Empowerment Network) had identified the need for a sturdy, affordable commuter (utility) bicycle for distributions. The bicycle is branded “Bike4All’ and carries both PPA and BEN branding. The Bike4All Project is run in parallel with the Qhubeka distribution project. Qhubeka saw our holistic approach, especially liked out ‘Cool Kid on a Bike’ programme which forms part of the Bike4All Project, and is matching the number of Bike4All bicycles when distributions are made in the Western Cape. The ‘Cool kid on a Bike’ programme is now also rolled out whenever a Qhubeka bicycle is handed out.


Q: John Duminy complimented PPA on the MTB paths and trails in the Table Mountain National Park and asked if there was an update about a possible MTB path around Table Mountain.


A: Robert explained how the paths were being maintained, and said that we would all like a path right around Table Mountain and will continue to pursue this.


Ken Sturgeon said that from BEN’s side they are really happy with the relationship and the way in which things are developing between PPA and BEN.

Gordon Laing said that members must please phone their local councillors when cycling-related problems are experienced in their neighbourhoods as that has proven to be an effective way to get problems sorted.


Rens Rezelman presented his Chairman’s report. As contained in the AGM book and on the PPA website.


Five nominations were received for the six vacant positions, being:

Rens Rezelman, Gordon Laing, Steve Hayward, Roy Hannington, and David Bellairs.


With no vote needed, all five nominees were elected to the Executive Committee to serve from 2017 to 2019. The meeting ratified the decision.


Proposed: Ken Sturgeon


Seconded: Roy Andrew.


The treasurer’s report was presented as per the website and AGM booklet.


John thanked the PPA Office for the excellent job they do in administering PPA’s funds. The Association is in a healthy financial position and we deliver on our mandate.


Q: Charles Scheltema asked why the CTCTT income increased by R2m.

A: John Gale explained that it related to the way in which income was recorded – in the past it was linked to the CTCTT’s financial year and not PPA’s financial year and we have now, on advice of our auditors, changed to showing a receipt only in the year received.


Q: John Duminy asked re income received from the CTCTT and how that is used by PPA for budgeting.


A: John replied that PPA adjusts its spending to income received – we first get the income from the CTCTT and only then decide how much can be spent on eg project funding.


Q: Riaan Meintjes asked what is planned in terms of the PPA House in Mowbray.


A: John answered that we have received permission to rezone the property from residential to business, and that we will develop the property to cater for our current admin and logistical needs. The property in Kenilworth will in all likelihood be sold in order to pay for the renovations.


Q: Roy Andrew asked why there was underspending in the financials related to funrides and MTB projects.

A: John replied that some budgets are discretionary and some projects did not realise. In such a case the money is not spent.


HONORARIA: John asked the meeting for approval to pay honoraria to all Exco members at the same rates as per 2016. So approved.


Proposed: Riaan Meintjes


Seconded: Roy Andrew, Ken Sturgeon


Rens thanked John for his diligent work in terms of PPA’s finances.


No motions were received.


John Duminy asked if the PPA Academy will remain local or be expanded to a national initiative. Robert Vogel answered that the PPA Academy is aimed at PPA members, irrespective of where they live, but that the local (Western Cape) PPA league is generally used to obtain results. Our budget does not allow us to do this on a national basis – that is CSA’s responsibility. We would like to roll out the PPA Academy to MTB but have to be cognisant of budget. This is why we are looking for sponsors to assist. Robert also explained the ZWIFT programme and how we have been advertising that to our members.


Billy Wassermann asked if the City of Cape Town is doing any awareness drives about the NMT facilities. Gordon Laing replied that the City should do more, but there is a slow improvement. The City’s Cycling Strategy was recently approved and NMT is mentioned in there.


A question came from the floor as to whether or not PPA was involved in setting the City’s cycling strategy. Gordon Laing replied that he has been involved in a number of projects. PPA has requested to be notified so that we can register as an Interested and Affected Party when road works are planned. This is where our members can assist, but notifying us when road works are planned in their areas.


Henry van der Merwe said in terms of strategic planning on the City’s side, we would like to see as many kids as possible cycle to school. There are some simple structural interventions that can be made to make cycling safer for kids, eg reducing the speed limits around schools. He asked if PPA could lobby for such changes. Rens Rezelman said that we can and do talk to the National Department of Transport, and that we ‘make a noise’ at local Forums. Robert Vogel added that now that the City has adopted their cycling strategy, it should give us better platforms to fight from. Kirsten Wilkens said that it’s good to talk to your local councillor about such issues. Open Streets has for instance come up with a “Tool Kit” on what to do to get a portion of road closed off .


Keith Ravens said that they have received permission to take kids cycling in Cape Point Nature Reserve at R7 pp, accompanied by one grown-up for every 7 kids. They also have the use of a mini bus to accompany the kids. If other kids would like to join on these excursions, they can contact Mr Ravens via the PPA Office.


Roy Andrew gave a brief overview of the history of the early years of PPA, given that PPA is now 40 years old. Roy explained how the funride calendar was started and spoke about the many charities that have been assisted over the years through these funrides. He said PPA should never forget its roots.


Theft of bicycles at events: Steve Hayward explained that thieves are now bringing small cable cutters to events and suggested that people rather lock their bicycles inside their cars.

The meeting closed at 20h30.